The Murkendraw is a swamp as large as a sea—a
swamp of weeping willows and rotted fruit, of
gnarled roots thrusting up from bubbling quicksand
pits, of impenetrable fogbanks stinking of swamp
gas, of week-long rainstorms where lightning scours
the sodden ground, and of great dire alligators and
swamp wasps the size of dogs. It is the home of the
hags. The Murkendraw is of the Feywild, and as such
it is filled with life, but that life is fundamentally
wrong. Dark cults worshiping deities of madness
chant in the starless night. Warped mud creatures
lurch out from behind stained yellow vine curtains,
or suddenly rise from the black waters and clamber
at the flat-bottom boats used to travel the stinking
byways. After a few weeks of combating the gaginducing
beasts spawned by the corruption of the
Murkendraw, adventurers may find themselves
pining for the clean, bracing stench of the ordinary
Although most swamps in the Feywild are
infested with hags, the Murkendraw is the home of
the most powerful hag of all—the terrible Baba Yaga.
She dwells within a dilapidated hut that appears to
be set on stilts just above the surface of the swamp
waters, and she often takes the form of an old human
woman. She can appear to be a friendly old earth
mother or a terrifying crone depending on what
suits her. If Baba Yaga is threatened and feels overmatched—
a rare occurrence—a single ear-splitting
whistle awakens her hut.
The hut then stands, unfolding the long bird legs
first taken to be stilts. At full height the hut stands
thirty feet tall. Its long legs give the hut amazing
speed, and the ability to ignore difficult terrain.
The hut can also fight, kicking like a flightless bird
with those treelike legs. A single kick can stave in a
humanoid’s chest.
Baba Yaga is pure evil, but she can be bargained
with. Like the fomorians, hags crave power, although
their agendas are far more subtle. Baba Yaga is
willing to trade secret for secret. Adventurers must
beware: Of all the fey, Baba Yaga’s bargains are the
most treacherously worded. Few are wise enough to
outwit her, and the truly wise don’t even try.

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