A mu.

A Mu is a canine creature which has several feline traits. More traditional scholars believe that Mus are felines, whereas younger scholars have found that Mus are canines. Much debate and experimentation has been done.

Mus prowl the vast, windswept prairies of Vatharond and eastern Canstice, and live in large colonies within burrows and caves. Social creatures who mean no harm to others, Mus are misunderstood by many. The primary defensive mechanism of a mu is to charge and knock down a threat before running. They are able to knock down foes over three times larger than themselves. This charge is also performed before an affectionate jump and cuddling, causing even mu owners to be cautious of their pets.

A Mu’s tail is extremely strong and covered in small quills hidden in the fur. They use their tails as additional defense.

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