Mount Theon
simple map of Mount Theon

Mount Theon, also known as the High Citadel, is a religious site in the city of Temple. It is one of the most known religious sites in Nora. It is a flat-topped rock which rises 500 feet above sea level.

The mount is home to such sites as the Lux Lucis Templum, center of the Church of Light, the Ruins of the Floratheum, temple of Dhanni, the House of Riddles, where holy artifacts are contained and perhaps even made, the Bellows' Sanctuary, dedicated to Hierophant Clement the Bellows, the Iron Keep, dedicated to Verai Songbird and home to the Order of the Iron Spear, the Herotheum, which houses the three greatest holy artifacts of the church, and the Sanctuary of Light, housing the eternal flame of Kira..

Mount Theon contains the holiest site for the Church of Light. Tradition holds that is was from here that St. Lydia performed the Miracle of Hope which simultaneously parted the dark clouds covering Nora, ending the Years Without Light and bringing an end to the Godwars.

The site is also associated with the rest of the Twelve Saints.

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