Most Influential

This is a list of many of the most influential personages in Nora and beyond. It includes the two most influential of each of the most notable races in Nora.

Name Race Occupation Home
Ahi Shifter Chief of the Razorclaw Tribe Neverwanting Plains
Roberti il'Alemanno Half-elf Mayor of Aeros Aeros
Antithesis Minotaur Queen of the Athanatos State Myrtryp
Gidan clannel Alexandros Human High King of Nora Alexandria
Garnet til Alexandros XVII Human High Queen of Nora Alexandria
Anabelle Alexandru Human Queen of Vatharond Vyknir
Ioan Alexandru Human King of Vatharond Vyknir
The Aged One Eladrin Baelnorn of An Tuath Ionad Tur
Arrannis Eladrin Lord High Chancellor of Alexandria Alexandria
Lorcan Arweth Half-Elf Duke of Llygaid Calith Arg
Svesh Arytiss Dragonborn Leader of the Way of the Petal Laurus
Adrian d'Bastion Human Lord-Mayor of Alexandria Alexandria
Rune Battleaxe Orc Chieftain of the Stone Eye Clan Thantena Forest
Black Waltz I ? Archmage of the Dragon Court Jaress
Black Waltz II ? Archmage of the Dragon Court Jaress
Black Waltz III ? Archmage of the Dragon Court Jaress
Jiri Blackeye Tibbit Mayor of Abdin Abdin
Gahd óir Crua Eladrin King of Eiledomhan Cathair Sealgaire
Thalami Arian Crymwch Elf King of Tir'Ein Aelwyd
The Dark Lady ? Leader of the Red Rose Aeros
Darkhowl Shifter Chief of the Longtooth Tribe Neverwanting Plains
Nathan Gilroy ab duch'Ard Human First Knight of Ilefain Lindblum
Elis Elf Member of the Cyngor Aelwyd
Angelo ren il'Fiammone III Human King of Canstice Calori
Sergei vel'Fitigern Human Leader of the Brotherhood of Vatharond ?
Radek Flatpaw Tibbit Leader of the Secret Police of Nora Alexandria
Galatas Minotaur King of Labylithea Eisodos
Alatha Gamble Half-elf Prelate of Alexandria Alexandria
Yaja Graveyeller Orc Chieftain of the Spine in Fist Clan Northern Wyrmspires
Gwilym Elf Member of the Cyngor Aelwyd
Guardian Eternal Eladrin Baelnorn of An Tuath Ionad Tur
Viglundar Hammergrimm Dwarf Hauptlord of the Gelb Clan Gelb Clanhold
sidha-haryaki Phoelarch High Priest of the Cult of the Phoenix Castle Parch
Iahotep Forsaken Pharaoh of the Forsaken Gereh
Golerk Ironboots Dwarf Leader of the Red Rose of Alexandria Alexandria
Kuno Jinero Kamik Keeper of the Song Melinir
Ke'Vadar Eladrin Master of Divination Mooncrystal
Keshet Deva Cardinal of Neverport Neverport
Tura Kulima Kamik Spiritual Leader Flechdig
Trael Baeth Llech Elf Religious leader of the Painted Elves Sabian Desert
Fewil Lex Dragonborn Leader of the Way of the Blade Luendig
The Lorekeeper Eladrin Baelnorn of An Tuath Ionad Tur
Madi-An Gnome Kure of the High Council Talamh-Rath
Weller Mankin Human Leader of the Invisible Blades Calori
Maxem the Mariner Human Hierophant of the Church of Light Temple
Daisuke Moradraum Elf The King's Blade Alexandria
Felix Richter Dhampir Mordenkainen of the Council of Nine Crimson Tower
The Resplendent Mozi Human Royal High Magus Alexandria
Narkhid'amun Fire Genasi Adviser to Grand Caliph Khalil al-Assad al-Zahir Badikhiya
Kara Nims Blackleaf Halfling Pirate Queen of Nicoboa Grey Sea
Dijanzi d'Obari Drow Queen of Sheoloth Sheoloth
Ohrahk Deva Chancellor to Queen Garnet XVII Alexandria
Cer Orasharu Tiefling Guildmaster of the Airshipwright's Guild Alexandria
Arwyth Fwyn Pasmynd Elf Loremaster of the Alexandrian Archives Alexandria
Ozark Quarzkolben III Dwarf Knight Commander of Nora Alexandria
Raokger Gnome Leader of the Spriggans Talamh-Rath
Rasa-Tewet Human Pharaoh of Khemet Sedjeri
Araos Wyn Saeth Elf Ranger-General of Aelwyd Aelwyd
Seyff Elf Member of the Cyngor Aelwyd
Keglan Skarkov Tiefling Archduke of Ibben Piros Barl
Shackle Spaa Phoelarch Mayor of Hopefire Hopefire
Gwych Starglove Elf Master Seeker Anferthgerry
Jonlan Steiner Human Captain of the Dreadborn Knights Alexandria
Ozean Stern Dwarf Bergkette Ollam of the dream-dwarves Eklipse
Stewart of Lindblum Human Lord High Steward of Ilefain Lindblum
Bekin Streitaxt Dwarf Kaiser of Untergrund Eisenstadt
Cade Summersong Halfling Master Bard Alexandria
Adelaide Maeve til deTonbert Human Consort of the Archduke Leundig
Tory of Lindblum Human Countess of Ceebell Lindblum
Ukret the Bloodtide Bugbear Ik'sintar South Vitezzo
Silas Valligan Human Duke of Erwynn White City
Warad-Sin Duergar Imparator of Durzagon Korumak
The Warder Eladrin Baelnorn of An Tuath Ionad Tur
The Watcher Eladrin Baelnorn of An Tuath Ionad Tur
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