The Moonfall was a cataclysmic event that took place in 692 PI in which Quilus, the sister moon to Yunis, fell from the sky into Nora and created the Quilian Crater. The event marks the end of the Age of Magic and the beginning of the Age of Kings.


The Demon Wars were beginning to wane and Aquaria was gaining a foothold in the conflict. The creatures known as the uvuudaum began their plans to destroy Nora by pulling down the two moons, Quilus and Yunis.
This plan was interrupted by St. Lydia, who performed the Miracle of Love which caused Quilus's impact to be lessened and kept Yunis in the sky.

Effect and Aftermath

  • Distance from Impact: 200.00 km ( = 124.00 miles )
  • Projectile diameter: 2090.00 km ( = 1290.00 miles )
  • Projectile Density: 3000 kg/m3
  • Impact Velocity: 1000.00 meters per second ( = 3280.00 feet per second )
  • Impact Angle: 90 degrees
  • Target Density: 2500 kg/m3
  • Target Type: Sedimentary Rock

While St. Lydia prevented Quilus from destroying all of Nora, it still caused widespread death and destruction. The impact was the greatest form of destruction Nora has ever seen. The Quilian Crater was created as a result, as well as the Aerbs and Lune Mountains.

The impact caused a cloud of hot dust, ash and steam to spread from the crater. Dirt and mineral along with large adamantine pieces of Quilus, ejected into the sky by the blast, was heated to incandescence upon falling back down, causing massive firestorms and igniting huge wildfires; meanwhile, enormous shock waves spawned earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all over Nora.

The rain of dust and ash covered the entire surface of Nora, creating a harsh environment for living things to survive in. Another consequence of the impact is that sunlight was blocked from Nora by black clouds, creating a cold environment. Plant life began to falter. The era, known as the Years without Light, lasted seventeen years and ended when St. Lydia gave her life to perform the Miracle of Hope.

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