A monk is one who practices religious asceticism, the conditioning of mind and body in favor of the spirit, and does so living either alone or with any number of like-minded people, whilst always maintaining some degree of physical separation from those not sharing the same purpose.

Leivist Monks

Monks dedicated to the Church of Light.

Zylist Monks

Zylist monks began with the Ankejian cloud temples. most monks specialize in a style of fighting known as gofu.

Ankejian Monks

They practiced the art of uongofu (disciplined martial arts), and smoked the seeds of the wingumani plant that tended to grow on the sides of their floating temples, called ankeja.

Brotherhood of the Venoms

One of three monk orders found in Alexandria with the Silent Song and Beast orders.

Order of the Bladed Foot

The main ruling body of Abdin, port city in Ilefain, these monks stress the good of all over the good fro the few. Their role is to keep order in a city full of outlaws and thieves. They have established a rather brutal way of fighting, intended to end the fight as soon as possible. The Bladed Foot is feared by all in Abdin and all across Night’s Peninsulas.

Temple of the Silent Song

Alexandria’s most famous monastery and, some argue, the first monk order in Nora. Monks of the Silent Song use soft form and usually encourage singing among their numbers.

Order of the Beast

The Order of the Beast only accepts half-orcs into their midst. The mentality of the people living in the Builder’s District in Alexandria is that they need to depend on themselves for protection and guidance.

Monks of the Order of the Beast use Hard/Soft form and some multiclass into barbarian.

Order of the Heavenly Lion

Founded long ago by a creature resembling a lion some claim as a lammasu, and some as a Foo Creature.

The Obsidian Moon

Order of the Open Claw

One of the newest orders to appear, this has become one of the most famous of all monasteries, although nobody seems to know where it is. The mysterious Order of the Open Claw teaches its arts only to those who are not of the goodly races. Monstrous humanoids and giants are among the many learners of this abnormal order. All students of the order are taught passive outlets to their natural aggression. The order has many critics, many thinking that this facade of peaceful monsters is a ploy to build an army to crush civilization. There are many who would stand up against the temple itself, if only they could find it.

Monks of the Order of the Open Claw use Hard/Soft form. The temple chooses to emphasize spirituality.

Order of the Shallow Grave

A strange temple that teaches an unorthodox style; Undead Fist.

Temple of the Dawn Tiger

Masters of the double hooked swords. Located in southern Tir'Ein.

Darastranian Monks

Otherwise known as dragon disciples.

Bojxenrygat Temple

These monks see dragons as ever changing life force to which they may change their forms to suit their purpose.

Ornaukuma Temple

Dedicated to living as dedicated to the world as a dragon.

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