Moira Felis
Moira Felis
Biographical Information
Date of Birth 1342 NS
Home Prestone Manor
Physical Description
Race Human (Were-Tiger)
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Shauna Felis (Sister)
Felis Family
Loyalty Felis Family
Chu Hsi

Moira Felis is a female natural were-tiger who calls upon her lycanthrope heritage to incite "tiger-chi" in battle. She takes an active role in the Felis family and the caretaking of Prestone Manor. After the death of her master, Chu Hsi, she uses the manor as a sort of orphanage for lost children.

Moira and Azzel seem to have romantic feelings for one another, but neither have made it known.


Assault on Agnor

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