Once a great fortress of Cendriane, Mithrendain has
blossomed into a beautiful eladrin forest-city whose
buildings seem to grow naturally around the trees.
However, Mithrendain has a dark secret: The central
sections of the city are built atop a now-sealed tunnel
that leads to the Feydark. Armies of the fomorian
kings once invaded the surface world through this
passage, which now lies sealed beneath the majestic
Citadel Arcanum, a golden edifice riddled with secret
passages and underground chambers.

Mithrendain is a timeless city bereft of clocks,
sundials, or other methods of tracking the passage of
time. A secret police force, called the Watchers of the
Night, patrols the idyllic city. The Watchers, who can
ignore the city’s magic wards that prevent creatures
from turning invisible, remain vigilant for signs of
infiltration by the fomorians and their agents—subterranean
menaces searching for the means to break
through Mithrendain’s defenses and reopen the great
passage into the Feydark.

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