Minotaurs are a race commonly found in their homeland, Labylithea, in the Blood Sea, and in neighboring regions.

Minotaur colonies and communities have been established in most corners of the Blood Sea, but the minotaurs have always been centered in the Labylithean Islands.

Minotaurs have a naval tradition that rivals the halflings, though they do not have the ara's pride of it. Minotaurs, in fact, are often happy to assist on halfling ships in the Blood Sea as deckhands, bodyguards and dockworkers.

Minotaur lifespans roughly equate to that of the dwarves.


Origins in northern Nora

War with the Elves

Migration to the south


Minotaurs love complexity

especially mazes and certain kinds of machinery. With their low Intelligence, they’re not the best inventors or creators, but (thanks to their higher Wisdom) they are superb adaptors and jury-riggers (one reason they are so quick to move into already-established mazes).

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