Military of the Allied Kingdoms

The military of the Allied Kingdoms comprises the several national armed forces of the alliance's 5 member states, as the policy area of defence has remained primarily the domain of nation states.

Several prominent leaders, including Fainish Steward Stewart of Lindblum, Vathroni Chancellor Angela Merkel, Canstian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and former Fainish Chancellor Guy Verhofstadt, have voiced support for a common defense for the alliance. This possibility, requiring unanimous support among the member states, was formally laid down in Article 42 of the Treaty on Noran Alliance upon the entry into force of the Treaty of Ildrad Zinthys.

Additionally, the Treaty of Ildrad Zinthys extended the enhanced co-operation provision to become available for application in the area of defense. This mechanism enables a minimum number of member states to deepen integration within the alliance's institutional framework, without the necessity of participation for reluctant member states.


Militaries of Member States





Notable Paramilitary Organizations

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