Area ?
Population ?
Demonym Midgardian
Nations Norrland
Kingdom of Jotunheim
Kingdom of Alfheim
Kingdom of Nidavellir
Common Languages Giant language
Dwarven language
Common Language
Elven language
Largest Cities Nine Great Cities of Midgard

see Adventuring in Midgard

Midgard is a region north of Nora that is united in culture and tribal heritage. The southern and more populous regions of Midgard have a temperate climate. The north extends nearly to the top of the world, but has relatively mild weather for its latitude. Much of the Midgardian mountains have an alpine tundra climate. There are many lakes and moraines as well.

Numerous petty kingdoms and chiefdoms claim the land. Despite many wars over the years, Midgardian tribes and peoples have been politically and socially close. Constellations and alliances, however, have shifted over the centuries.

The two languages of Midgard, Ostwort and Norrwort, are common to all men of the north and are so closely related, command of either of these languages is considered sufficient to communicate fully and professionally with any other Midgardians.

In ancient Midgard, people were separated into different tribes. These tribes had Chief-Kings who were elected autocrats.



Legendary hero, Klagesang.

Dwarven Exodus

c3,000 PI

Reign of the Firbolg

c2,000 PI

Dark Sun

c1,090 PI; The sun goes dark in northern Nora for several days.

Coming of the Light Elves

c1,000 PI

Age of Exploration

450 PI - 350 PI

Beginning with Woad the Conqueror

War with Vatharond

War against Erbarm the Lichking between 300 PI and 100 PI


Faragorrstorr c 250 PI

Wodan Shardheart

463 NS Wodan came to Nora and became High King

Reign of Harald the Deathdrinker

Church of Light rising as influence.

Geographical Regions

Flora and fauna

Sabertoothed cats.


Warrior Culture

Arm rings

A boy gets an arm ring when he becomes a man, usually at around age 12-13. An oath sworn on an arm ring is sacred.


They tend to keep foxes and cats as pets. Pets are cared for and highly valued.

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