Mideas the Seductress

Mideas the Seductress is a woman from Midanian legend. She was a Queen of Devils, a daughter of the desert itself and later wife to King Kanusar with whom she had several children known as the Xuls. Her goal was the spread of evil in the world and to mix the blood of devils and men. She seduced Kanusar of Mīdān, who thought she was the daughter of a herder, and bore his children. His love for her kept him young, but when he discovered her true origins, he suddenly felt the weight of his own years and died.

Mideas is known in most stories as an enchantress and is often depicted as being a priestess of legeon or a warlock. The legend of Kanusar and Mideas is very old, originally written around the time of the third Midanian Dynasty.

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