Merrium Kraemer
Mairtíreach Airgid Creimahr
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Siobadh Tur
Date of Birth 1350 NS
Alias(es) Merrium Kraemer
Merius Cremarius
Physical Description
Race Half Eladrin
Gender Male
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color Hazel
Family Information
Family Members Sigurt (Father)
Ionuin (Mother)
King Elegast (Uncle)
The Erlking (Grandfather)
Sigmar (Grandfather)
Occupation Sorcerer

"I'm going forward because I don't have a home to go back to."
—Merrium Kraemer

Mairtíreach Airgid Creimahr (mar-teer-awk argeet kray-mar), also known as Merrium Kraemer, is a half eladrin sorcerer born into the Airgid (argeet) clan of eladrin. His sorcerer powers come from a highly volatile mixture of fey and draconic heritage that also causes him great physical and emotional stress.

While constantly trying to find a sense of belonging, he uses his abilities to help the defenseless and weak from danger. He searches for a sense of home and a finality to his heritage.


Born in the eladrin city of Siobadh Tur to an eladrin mother and a human father, Merrium's name fell victim to the different naming conventions of the two cultures. His eladrin name, chosen by Elegast is Mairtíreach, meaning "martyr". Merrium's father, Sigurt, chose another name more palatable to the dwarven tongue, Merrium, meaning "joy bringer".

His surname, Kraemer, as per human tradition, is the same as his father's. However, the eladrin had earlier given Sigurt the alternate surname Creimahr, more meaningful to their traditions. Creimahr is an obscure old sylvan word fittingly meaning "healer".



Merrium was born in Siobadh Tur within Moonsong Palace to the Princess Ionuin.

Early life

see A River Without Water: Separation

Sorcerer training

With Chernomor in his tower, Naraa.

Beginning his adventure

see A River Without Water: The Supreme Ordeal

Battle Against the Elven Court

see Battle Against the Elven Court

Battle of Three Dragons

see Battle of Three Dragons

Asleep for ten years

see A River Without Water: Unification

Ortvm Merivs

see Song of Merrium

Merrium in the fields of Sachrunin.



"Great, now the half-elf is purring."
Leonid Antonov

Merrium is a complicated young man. Sometimes brooding, sometimes arrogant and aloof. He creates a shell of cold emotions around him. But underneath he has shown warmth, bravery, kindness and determination. He has always had a need for the feeling of family, never achieving it, no matter how hard he tries.

In his emotional shell, Merrium learned discipline, stoicism and control. He thrives on his ability to control his thoughts and actions, never wishing to have weakness or to be vulnerable. He carefully monitors his speech and conduct. To be precise and polite as well as well mannered and graceful in everything he does. On a day to day basis, he is mostly pleasant, although his egotism can easily frustrate others.

In truth, Merrium faces a conflict with himself in every facet. This turmoil comes not only from himself, but the turmoil of his bloodlines. The heritages of both chaotic fey and magically active dragons course through his life force, creating strong emotions he doesn't know how to handle. The only respite from this inner storm comes from combat, where all his anger and emotion rises to the surface in a deadly rage that takes over.

Merrium respects others who wield control over others, though he may not be respectful towards them. He holds fascination of leadership and the ruling of others through influence, even if done so through force. He sees the values of others as tools that can be used against them. He wishes peace and safety for everyone and has no compunctions about rising to a position to force them into a stranglehold of peace and safety.

He sees An Tuath as his true chance for belonging and has focused his eyes upon the kingdom. He refuses to see the Battle Against the Elven Court as a set back and fully expresses his desire to return and rule. His blood yearns to lead.

Merrium also loves stories. He grew up on sea shanties, but is also fond of operas, plays or simple bardic tales of yore.

Powers and Abilities

Merrium's draconic heritage has given him a gift of arcane magic. He learned this power not through the study of dusty tomes, but through willpower and emotional control. His powers were steadily growing until Tugarin Zmeja performed the Ritual of Induction on him and he received his Draconic Epiphany. This caused his powers to explode in strength. He is still exploring the depths of his new abilities.

However, dragon blood is not the only source of power flowing through him. The blood of the eladrin Airgid Clan also gives him unusual gifts. He is recognized as a true heir to the throne by the Onórach Mythal of Siobadh Tur. He is able to commune with and control the mythal in many ways.

Merrium has always been naturally artistic. His penmanship is exquisite, and he takes great joy and pride in entering journal notes in a variety of languages and scripts. He's talented with jewelry and other fine arts, and is skilled at designing and tailoring clothing.


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