Melisant Bijou til de'Mere
Melisant Bijou til de'Mere
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Jaress, Ilefain
Date of Birth 1346 NS
Home Her Palace of Summer,
Aliases The Gilded Warden
The Guardian She-Wolf
Title Grand Chamberlain of Ilefain
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Charles Havens ab de'Mere
Levia Morgan tir de'Mere
Dylan Thomas ren de'Mere
Stewart of Lindblum
Loyalty Fainish Crown

Dame Melisant Bijou til de'Mere is the current Grand Chamberlain of Ilefain. She wears a golden mask and few have seen her face underneath. She has had no recorded duels or battles of any kind since her appointment, but she is still feared as a warrior. She is reputed as a pious knight and she attends church regularly.

She enjoys gardening and sponsors many gardens within Jaress. She especially enjoys the birds the garden attracts. She is an accomplished lute player.

However, unknown to all, she often spends her off time in the arms of narcotics.

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