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Melinir is the capital of Taurania. Wide trade due to river network.

This walled city was once the capital of Thunder Rift. Humans and demihumans walk the streets of this village. Located in the northern shore of Lake Ganif is still be centre of trade in the valley. The Tower of Mage Isle is also technically part of the city. It remains the centre of the Quadrial. Mayor Valum (F9/Human Ftr9) is the ruler of the city.

Melinir has a mayor, Valum. Mayors weren’t always elected, they may have been appointed by the crown, as they where in Whales. The presence of a mayor is not a clear sign of political or economic independence, freedom from feudal rule, or democracy. The mayoral system may have come into place just as the feudal period was coming to an end, when whomever controlled the land around Melinir (probably the duke) ceased to be a presence. The mayor may have originally worked for the duke, baron, or even directly for the king. The position would not have a had a problem surviving the loss of the feudal lords, and thus has continued.

Melinir has a garrison of 30 soldiers. Melinir's town watch/ professional standing (small) army is composed of 10 human fighters, 10 halflings, and 10 elves, and surprisingly, no dwarves. I suppose the town expects to be able to draft its citizens, and hire adventurers, mercenaries bodyguards, bounty hunters, private investigators, and the like to deal with large or complex problems. The intentionally balanced racial/ species mix in the garrison might indicate an interest in maintaining appearances for the halflings in the grasslands, and the elves of Gauntlin. Since none of the other towns or villages are described as having a professional fighting force, this may in turn indicate that Melinir had intentions of projecting power and control over as much of the Rift as it could. This would certainly be something that Maybrush would support, so he could better control trade in the Rift. Military relations in the Rift may look more like either the Delian League, or the Second Athenian Empire (on a much, much smaller scale), than it does like northern Europe during either the dark ages or the medieval period. I don't think this set up would be likely if every village had a landlord; he or she would need his own armed force to keep the peasants in line.

If Melinir is in Darokin, and Darokin is modelled mostly after Italy, then it may be either a "Free-City", or an independent "City-State". I think Melinir was probably a "Chartered-City" with a clear set of rights and obligations to the former feudal powers, but since the end of the wizards and fighter war, when the Black Night did not fulfil his legal obligations to the city and lost any power to control it, the town council, trade guilds and wealthy merchants where able to establish Melinir as a "Free-City".

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