Melda Arch
Melda Arch
[argent, pall gules] size="small"
map or picture
Aliases ?
Size Small City
Location Ten Horns
Ruler ?
Population 6,700
Exports ?

Melda Arch is a city found at the end of the Samnian Way.

The Hidden Garden University.
Noble house arms - coiled serpent
Good relations and trade with Salvatore
Notable battle that took six days. - momument left for battle
Idyllic ponds through out the city
9 Boroughs
Big central city square
House to major noble family tied to church
arch (of course)
monk abby
swampy gardens; durids
cosmopolitan population
strong church of light presence
Opera house
crossbow culture
famous and powerful suit of armor
home to perhaps the greatest artist who ever lived
home to historical world shattering wizard - abjurer
clocktower once home to wizard - is now a firehouse
city of art - major art revolution in the past
Major Aquarian city
famous city for bards
famous tavern and brewmaster
monument to alexander
big mansion
notable fort
home to notable macabre writer and detective, possible necromancer


Aquarian city

Emperor's palace.

222 NS

The Hidden Garden University was founded in 222 NS by students leaving Eastgrove University in Flute.

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