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"Meepo die."

Meepo is an exiled kobold. He began his recorded existence as a downtrodden kobold who got the worst jobs his tribe had to offer. So when the tribe "acquired" the young black dragon Caloxyus, he was assigned to tend to its needs. At first he thought the job might have some prestige, but he quickly realized that cleaning up dragon dung and getting blasted with acid breath every time the dragon was displeased made the job more onerous than glamorous.

At first unsure of his abilities, Meepo began to develop into a warrior. Still cowardly at heart, Meepo invariably flees if he thinks he might die.


Early life

Meepo was born as Virencornus and grew to be appointed Dragonkeeper by his tribe, a role to which he was well suited.

Meeting Karwick and schooling

Forge of Fury

Death at the hands of troglodytes.

Appearance and personality

Green scaled and covered in acid burns.

He still holds onto his kobold upbringing, such as believing strength and ruthlessness are desired qualities in a leader.

He has adopted Karwick and Aeron as his new tribe. Though he is still naive and ignorant of the customs of civilized folks.

Powers and abilities

Meepo knows a lot about traps. He also possesses a wealth of information about dragons.

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