Maze Of Fathaghn

Although treants and dryads can be found
throughout the forests of the Feywild, they have
a mysterious agreement to protect, at all cost, one
great oak tree deep in the Feywild. To do this, the
dryad queen Fathaghn raised a mighty briar maze
to confuse and consume any who venture too close
to the sacred grove.
Adventurers traveling through the Feywild who
enter the maze of Fathaghn might first notice that
the undergrowth around them is too thick to cut
through, though—what luck!—a worn path leads them
through the briars. As they continue on, the trees
surrounding them grow closer and closer together.
Before they know it, the forest has aligned into
impenetrable walls of wood and briar. The path they
follow twists and turns, splits and wanders. Just as
the adventurers recognize a malign intelligence at
work, the dryads strike.
It is possible to escape from Fathaghn’s maze with
patience and luck. The dryads use hit-and-run tactics
that are anchored around treants taken root within
the maze itself. If explorers stay on the move, they can
keep from being surrounded. Eventually their flight
will lead them away from the sacred oak at the center
of the maze. When their path leads them farther away
from the oak, the intensity of the dryad attacks lessens.
Perceptive adventurers can use this response to
gauge direction within the maze and find an exit.
Alternatively, they may decide to press forward and
find the oak the dryads are protecting. Legend has it
Queen Fathaghn is protecting the Mother Tree—the
ancient tree from which all green fey races originally
sprang. Anyone who fashions a staff from the wood
of this tree could conceivably control any plant fey or
even transport himself or herself from tree to tree in a
manner similar to dryads. But the abilities of the oak
wood—and its provenance as coming from a mythical
Mother Tree—are no more than legends, and legends
are thin things indeed to stake one’s life upon.

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