Mask of Shaydis

Mask of Shaydis (Unique Item)

A black leather mask that preforms a number of functions and is spiritually attuned to the wearer so that the mask can never be used against him. This attunement is canceled upon the death of its owner, thereby the next wearer of the mask will assume ownership. If the mask is stolen, no other creature may use its properties until the death of the original owner.

The first function is where the mask is worn by its owner. He then lays his hands on a dying or dead (within 24 hours) being and preforms the spell of the mask. The result is the corpse turning into a brand new mask that, if worn, bestows the once living being's form, knowledge and abilities upon who so ever wears the newly formed mask. This ability ages the wearer of the Mask of Shaydis one year upon completion of the spell.

For instance; if this ability is used upon a dying dragon, a dragon mask is formed from the body and does not affect the original Mask of Shaydis in the slightest. Whoever wore that mask from that point on gains the form and abilities that the dragon had in life as well as any non-personal knowledge such as lore skills and general trivia. The mask can be removed by its wearer at any time where upon the wearer loses all abilities granted by the mask.

All this above is under the presumption that the spirit being made into a mask is willing. If the spellcaster is forcing an unwilling spirit into the mask, there is a 30% chance of failure. Roll percentile on the table below if such a failure occurs.

Roll% Result
1-25 Complete Failure: Spirit escapes and aging occurs regardless
26-50 Partial Failure: Spirit Escapes without aging of spellcaster
51-75 Mixed Failure: Mask embodies a spirit not intended to target
76-99 Total Failure: Spirit escapes and spellcaster is aged 2 years
00 Horrible Failure: Death of caster, caster's spirit trapped inside mask

The second use of the mask occurs when the owner places the mask on another creature and preforms the spell of the mask. This effect is identical to the spell Trap the Soul. The mask then takes a form reminiscent of the creature trapped inside and whenever worn by another creature including the mask owner, the wearer abides the same properties as previously mentioned until the mask is removed. When the spirit contained is released the Mask of Shaydis returns to its original form and function.

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