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Marumahala is a port city in Reshaga. It lies in the mahajanapada of Bhalluka. A city built on seven islands. A major trade city with outside nations. The city's trade is tightly controlled by a merchant house that has close ties to a secret organization seeking power through international economical conquest. Many cultures are found here; lots of foreigners.

The city has massive magical walls that are said to be indestructable. The walls have not been scratched in thousands of years.

The city is dominated by a great fortress. The gates of the city are guarded by two ancient undead spirits kept in slumber by powerful necromancers. In the city is a famous school teaching fighters with stone skin. A powerful martial art was founded here. There is a great temple to the gods.

Each year, a gathering of mage hunters come in the winter to trade secrets.

The city is ancient, built by elementals of air and thunder.

Dreams come to the city to dance. Nightmares are not found within its walls.

The city has tied to Vatharond and has good relations with that kingdom.

Under the city are ancient caves filled with old giant stone gods.

An old tomb and church is found on its own island. Closed to the public, many tales abound of the strange monks who live there. It serves as a prison for extremely powerful criminals.

Many forts were built during a civil war that over took the city a thousand years ago.

A vathroni castle was build 20 years ago and has since been abandoned. Only the most desperate of the city's beggars go there, but they are forever changed afterwards.

A massacre of slaves occurred a generation ago. some say the angry spirits of those people still haunt the city.

A massive bank is found there. Famous for loaning money to world leaders.

There is a certain high court in the city to settle crimes from all over Reshaga dealing with powerful and violent offenders. This court is sometimes used to try international criminals.

The city has plumbing and is famous for its crystal clear water.

An ancient library is found here.

Tiefling population.

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