Manticore Company
Manticore Company
Type Trading company
Leader Three governors
Alignment N
Headquarters Eglas, Thade
Goals Profit
Scope International
Structure ?
Members ?

The Manticore Company is a Thadian trading company who has a trading monopoly regarding trade in the Near World.


The Company is led by three Governors, lead by House Utteridge, the Eastman family, and the Silver family, and 24 directors, who made up the Court of Directors. They, in turn, reported to the Court of Proprietors which appointed them. Ten committees reported to the Court of Directors.

Court of Proprietors

Court of Directors

Trading cornerstones

  • Saltpetre
  • Opium
  • Coal
  • Spices


  • Fiendish Manticore (flagship)
  • Nemesis
  • Septimus Severus
  • Rhonish Beam
  • Lady Silver
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