The Heartless God, the King of Winter,
the Childless, Maiden of the Cold,
Lord of Bones, Whisperer in Graves
Holy Symbol A black eye
Portfolio Misery
Notable Temples Dysnir
Colors Black and White
Exarchs Amusdias
Rana the Deathworm

Malym (infernal: Supărat) is one of the twelve higher gods representing misery, winter and undeath. He is a vain deity who so hated his own heart, he tore it out of his chest and cast it away. In the void within his breast, sits Vatnajökull, a massive glacier of blue ice. He is venerated primarily out of fear. His wish is that all joy and life in the world be extinguished and replaced with an icy stillness. If brought into motion, Malym is a great destructive force, but he is loathe to move and wishes to be still.

The Heartless God remains without the touch of love, noble feeling, or honor. Malym rejoices in madness and despair. He hides in the mists of winter and spreads disease from rotting corpses.

As Damien traffics souls to their final rest, Malym constantly tries to steal those souls and create powerful undead.

All the other gods revile Malym. Only Kira once gave Malym a chance by asking him to dine in her house, but when he slew her daughter for serving him food he disliked, Kira swore to never again look upon the god of misery denying him light forever. Urala and Malym especially hate each other and their quarrels bring about great storms.

He is a shape shifting god and as such portrayals of him vary greatly. He is said to have iron teeth and claws with which he tries to slay anything that feels passion. Malym often takes female form, this aspect taking the name Malja. In this form, she is described as "greedy and unrestoring", a tall, beautiful nude woman with only her long black hair and blue lips. Her inhumanly pale or even transparent skin makes her blend into the snowy landscape. In this form, she enjoys trapping mortals in snow storms and then driving them insane with visions of warmth and the comforts of home before freezing them to death. Despite her inhuman beauty, her eyes can strike terror into mortals. She floats across the snow, leaving no footprints.

He lives in his hall Eljudnir within the depths of the Frosthollow.

Church of Malym

There is no centralized church of Malym, and independent churches are content to cause and revel in the small bit of pain and misery they are able to inflict upon their corner of Nora.

Worshipers and Clergy

Malites run the gamut in their origins and motivations for joining the faith, whether they be evil sadists, demented masochists, or those whose spirits are so wounded that only overwhelming pain distracts them from their sorrows. The cultists of Malym feel they have been somehow wronged by the world. The imprisoned, the exiled and the ignored all wish to seek Malym to help them lash out at society.

Many of Malym's worshipers are the frost giants. They wish to see the Fimbulwinter come to pass so they may rule the entire world.

Clergy tend to take their fervor for pain and agony to higher levels than lay believers, but are also experts at blending in with normal society. They teach that the world will end in the Fimbulwinter where cold will triumph for all time. Clergy are told to cover the lands with ice and extinguish flame. They are told to cut holes in roofs and walls so winter may invade homes. Slay creatures of winter and ice only in great need, but all others are to be cut down at will. Spread fear of the King of Winter, sing his blasphemous deeds into chill winds.

The god is also revered by evil druids.

Temples and Shrines

Malym's main temple is Dysnir, the Hall of Graves, found in the ice flows of the far north. Only a rare few living creatures have ever witnessed its blasphemous corridors.

Temples of Malym are, for all intents and purposes, torture chambers, and often function as such even when not in use for religious ceremonies. Because of the unique and often disapproved practices which take place in the church, temporary temples are kept hidden and fairly simple with decorations brought in specially for services. In more remote areas, believers might make impromptu shrines in places where violence and pain have occurred.


Malym wields a 2 headed flail at the end of a long staff. The staff is named Hün'gyr. The heads of the staff are named Ógleði ("Sadness") and Mein ("Pain"). They leave gaping wounds that ooze with disease on any living creature who touches them.



  • Rana the Deathworm (Death)
  • Cuarúil (Evil)
  • Amusdias (Madness)
  • Zamerzat; wields crossbow, causes lights in the distance, bear claws on necklace, dual wields blades, daggers or longswords, disguises himself as clergy, runes on weapons, may appear as fully armored man, or scantly clad female (Trickery)
  • Haer Caligus; giant, made of ice, throne of ice, colossal white dragon, can call lightning, calls winter storms, horns, often immobile for long stretches of time, frozen in place, crown, two winter wolves as companions, rod of winter (Winter)
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