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Aliases ?
Size Small town
Location Coranthe, Ilefain
Ruler ?
Population 1,800
Exports ?

Maiad is a town in Coranthe, Ilefain.

  • ancient river port
  • birth of the explosions industry
  • home to many historical explosions of grand scale.
  • Aquarian settlement
  • Remains of a 2,000-year-old theatre, able to accommodate some 12,000 people, have been discovered. The cockpit-style outdoor auditorium, the first of its kind found, was a style used elsewhere in their empire in the south.
  • Burial site and favored town in life of Orev ab Alexander, a high king ruling c310 NS.
  • an infamous murder happened here c880 NS
  • famous beer brewing town
  • sigil of local lords - three white wolves
  • halfling population
  • Lord Stratford wrote a play about the murder that takes place in this town.
  • a copy of an ancient and important document is found here
  • nearby menhir stones from ancient druidic times.
  • shrine to a local saint found here - also local religious order dedicated to saint's memory and mission
  • birthplace of a philosopher (c460 NS) who later became headmaster of The Hidden Garden University in Melda Arch.
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