Magical Law

Seven Base Laws

The Seven Base Laws of Magic

  • Thou shalt not kill by use of magic. A plea of self-defense is rarely allowed in mitigation. Bluecloaks often wield swords when detaining and executing warlocks to avoid a technical infraction of this Law. At several points in the series, however, Bluecloaks have used lethal magic against wizards; it is possible that Bluecloaks are allowed some latitude in the heat of combat. The use of magic to kill non-humanoid beings, on the other hand, is lawful; a wizard may, for example, use magic to kill a vampire, a ghoul or any being of the Outer Planes without breaking this Law.
  • Thou shalt not transform others.
  • Thou shalt not invade the mind of another.
  • Thou shalt not enthrall another. Enthrallment is the term for magically dominating another human through binding their will to one's own. It is not the same as compelling non-human beings through arrangements or exchanges; if the wizard does not actually control the being's mind through magic, the Law is not broken.
  • Thou shalt not reach beyond the borders of life. This Law prohibits both research into and the practice of necromancy, described as the summoning, binding and exploitation of the unwilling dead. However this rule does not apply to animals. It is unknown if this rule would apply to dead non-human sentients.
  • Thou shalt not swim against the Currents of Time. This prohibits any attempt to change the past through temporal manipulation for fear of paradoxes.
  • Thou shalt not seek the Outer Realms. Beings known as Outsiders, and are among the deadliest known threats to humanity.


Minor Crimes: Detention
Moderate Crimes: Removal of a hand or the tongue
Major Crime (Breaking one of the Base Laws): Death or petrification

Magical Law in the Kingdoms



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