Magebreeding is a magical technique that alters the form of creatures during gestation. The process of magebreeding is an extraordinarily complicated act of tuning that requires masterful practice in both the art of husbandry and magic, usually demanding the attention of multiple mages and scholars over generations. The practice is not common among humans, primarily due to cultural and religious prohibitions, as well as their shorter lifespans.

Some experiments in that direction have created new creatures that are actually magical beasts, with unusual intelligence and supernatural or spell-like abilities. In general, however, the aim of these breeding programs is simply to create better animals—ones that are more suited for use in the work of daily life. These magically enhanced animals are called magebred.

A magebred animal looks essentially like a fine specimen of its kind. Sometimes one may display unusual coloration, including colors rarely found in nature. Its appearance is always slightly exaggerated, emphasizing the feature for which it was bred: A horse magebred for pulling loads has exceptionally large shoulder muscles, for example, while a dog magebred for tracking has a particularly long nose.

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Eladrin magebreeding

Most magebred creatures and plants are produced by the Autumn Court. They maintain strict control over the trade of their magebred products, ensuring that most of them are sterile so that nations are forced to continue maintaining trade relations. Moreover, the Autumn Court will only trade with those who sign a treaty saying that the nation will not attempt to copy the process that produces the magebred products that they create.

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