Lydda Corardent
Lydina Corardent-Cabellsor
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth (age 18)
Home Los Torres
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members Fernando Corardent
Justina Cabellsor
Frederico Corardent
Occupation Hunter
Loyalty Kaldra

Lydina "Lydda" Corardent-Cabellsor is a hunter in Salvatore and a member of the Kaldra. She was captured and sold into slavery as a teenager by the crime lord Gaedren Lamm, but was rescued four years later by her younger brother, Frederico Corardent.


Early life

Lydda was apprenticed to a thief who was a member of the Kaldra. Her family moved to Los Torres for opportunity.


When Lydda was fourteen, she fell in with Gaedren Lamm and worked for him briefly before she was convinced to leave. Rather than have one of his 'Little Lamms' leave the fold, he framed her for the murder of a leatherworker. He gave her a chance to rejoin his fold, but when she refused again, he captured her and sold her to a slaver.

Curse of the Crimson Throne

see Curse of the Crimson Throne

Animal Companion

The black wolf, Llobadío (ee-yo-BAH-dee-oh). Named after the word used by the Kona to describe a wolf's curse-bestowing death glare.

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