Lýantine Empire
Lýantine Empire
location in nora
Capital Lýantium
Largest City Lýantium
Ruleing Body Eminent Church
Demonym Lýantine
Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Draconic, Giant,

The Holy Empire of Lýantium, otherwise known as the Lýantine Empire, was a small imperial theocracy in south-eastern Nora prior to the opening of the Hellgates. It was founded by the hero, Lykaz who was the son of Urala and a beautiful mortal woman. It held lands in what is now Erdrafos, Devil's Hand Peninsula, Westencairn, as well as several islands, the north coast of khopea and the island of Magea.

A theocracy lead by the Eminent Church. They had a standing army and a grand military tradition. The aristocracy was secondary when compared to political and military rank.


Political divisions

The empire is split into seven separate autocephalies headed by an archargentarium, a sovereign political ruler who answers only to the Trinatic Council of the Eminent Church.

Each archargentarium is counseled by his own holy synod.




see Lyantium

Other settlements

Eminent Church

see Eminent Church

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