Lusna Gloine
Lusna Gloine Grianchloch Glasrai
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Siobadh Tur
Date of Birth 1075 NS
Home An Tuath
Physical Description
Race Eladrin
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members Lady Draighean (wife) †
Mor Sleatroda (Brother)
Tiranda (Niece)
A'lia (Grandniece)
Occupation Draíochtlann
Loyalty Clan Grianchloch

Lusna Gloine Grianchloch Glasrai is a noble eladrin of An Tuath and the Clanfather of Clan Grianchloch. He is known for his superior skills with the courtblade as well as his devotion to fey-spirit Falon Tabanst, the Ravaging Wolf. As the former first master amongst the Greenflame Academy he held significant say in the military on top of his seat in court.

Once in the middle of politics of An Tuath, Lusna Gloine was given a position as a general by the Baelnorns, but was not given a invitation to court. He still mourns his beloved wife, Lady Draighean, killed by Leonid Antonov during the Battle In the Elven Court.


Early life

Advising the Erlking

Saving the infant Merrium

Battle in the Elven Court

Ionad Tur

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