Lumber Consortium

The Lumber Consortium is a company which has a monopoly on the hardwood and darkwood lumber industry in Tir'Ein and Ilefain. The Lumber Consortium exerts great pressure on smaller and weaker regions and communities, particularly in less developed areas. The Consortium's major logging operation occurs in and around Tempest Vale, and as such, this is where their continued power is most noticeable.

The Lumber Consortium is controlled by a board of directors, all of whom possess a controlling share of the company. They oversee the operations of the organization, laying out the long-term, large-scale strategies and leaving the day-to-day management to on-site foremen known as gavels. At its height, the Consortium had over a dozen, but currently employs only two gavels. No one rises to power within the Lumber Consortium without making their fortunes on the backs of lumberjacks and at the expense of the forests and native civilians. Though they have never been known for their kind hearts or straight morals, members of the board have become increasingly sadistic and cruel as their power has eroded.

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