Los Torres
Los Torres
Aliases City of Palaces
City of Evil
Size Metropolis
Location Salvatore,
Ruler Archduke
Ésteban of Arcamino
Population 32,700
Exports Leather, Horses, red steel

Los Torres is the capital and largest city in Salvatore, Ilefain. The city's location at the mouth of the Ferdemonio River and the presence of a highly-defensible harbor have contributed to the establishment of Los Torres as a primary hub for trade; various cultures and peoples can be found within the city's walls as goods move in and out of its gates.


The government of Los Torres is comprised of three official branches, each with its own unique sphere of influence. In addition, Los Torres's noble families exert limited power in the affairs of government.


Since their appointment, the archdukes of Los Torres have served as the primary diplomats and defenders of the city; the city's noble bloodline has served the populace from the famed Crimson Throne since Los Torres gained its unexpected independence. The archduke's authority has always been limited, with control of Los Torres's government shared among groups that existed prior to its inception.


The arbiters of Los Torres act as judges, hearing disputes and crimes and determining punishments for those deemed guilty. They also hold the responsibility of legislative oversight over decisions made by the other branches of Los Torres's government. The most well-known senior arbiter in the city is Zenobia Zenderholm, also known as the "Hanging Judge". She is justifiably feared by the criminal classes for her harsh rulings.


Los Torres's magistrates are in charge of the daily management of the city. The 23 individuals that comprise this body are primarily concerned with matters of bureaucracy, including taxation, economic oversight, and public works.

Peerage Review

The archduke is advised by the Peerage Review, a council composed of the heads of Los Torres's five Great Houses. The remaining 21 noble house comprise the Dock Families, each boasting control over one or more of the city's docks.


Los Torres's military resources are embodied in three separate organizations, each charged with protecting the city and its people in manners unique to each group.

Los Torres Guard

The primary responsibility of the Los Torres Guard is the protection and well being of the city of Los Torres. Its members serve as police and will, in times of danger from beyond the city's walls, also act in the capacity of a defensive military force. In addition, the Guard also often works to forward the interests of the government and the local church.

Sable Company

The hippogriff-mounted marines of the Sable Company answer directly to Los Torres's archduke, their orders given to them by the standing seneschal of the White Towers. Their purpose is to patrol and defend the city's skies and waterways, though they've also been known to assist the Los Torres Guard in their efforts throughout the city.

Order of the Gear

The Clockknights of the Order of the Gear pursue their unyielding ideals of order and law above all else; they are fanatical when confronted by behavior or events that fly against their strict worldview.


Despite its remote location in relation to other major cities in Ilefain, Los Torres is nonetheless a major commercial player in Nora. Its primary export is seafood, such as oysters (the Grey Sea is famous for their oyster beds), reefclaw claws, caviar, and other high-end seafoods. Also in the high-end foodstuffs department, Los Torres exports thileu bark to Las Ama at ridiculously high prices. It also is the only port that ships off Nicoboan goods. Thanks to the impressively large bank of Verai Songbird, Los Torres is also an important banking and financial city. Thanks to the presence of the acadamae, Los Torres is also a fair-sized supplier of magic items, especially low-level ones utilizing the school of conjuration. House es'Arkona imports a lot of items from distant Lorasia, which then are distributed illegally throughout western Ilefain. Finally, as much as the government is loathe to admit, Los Torres has a pretty impressive drug trade, although it mainly imports such goods.

Los Torres's food supplies come from the farms around it and its communities, although it does import foods that can't grow in its climate. The majority of Los Torres's imports, though, are in "manufactured goods." Despite the presence of the Ironworks in the city, Los Torres's capacity to produce finished goods lags well behind its demand, and like any good colony it imports a lot of such supplies from its homeland. Textiles are another example of that need.


The city's only thieves' guild is the Amaranth Aristocracy.


The city of Los Torres is divided into a host of districts. These divisions are sometimes through natural or man-made barriers while others are more subtle changes in wealth and status.


see acadamae

The academic (and demonic) center of Los Torres, the Academae is the campus of this reputable magic school, which is large enough to gain district status in itself.

The White Towers

see White Towers

The center piece of Los Torres and home of its noble family the castle towers over the rest of the city as it is built atop the remains of a Shi'imti Pyramid.

East Shore

The only district beyond the Ferdemonio River East Shore is home to many of the nobles families involved with Los Torres's military.


The Gray district serves as Los Torres's graveyard and is where all its dead are interred; the only living inhabitants are the priests of Damien who tend it.

The Heights

The heights sit atop the cliffs of Los Torres's western shoreline and are home to the most powerful people in the city including the nobility as the White Towers are within this district.


The part of the city most visitors come to recognize, this district is the friendliest and is home to many of Los Torres's docks, but it is quite crime free. Here the headquarters of the Los Torres Guard, Citadel Artephius, can be found.

North Point

North point is where people first settled when Los Torres was founded and is home to many families that can draw their ancestry back to that time.

The Old City

The poorest, most overcrowded area of Los Torres; the living conditions in the Old City are far worse than in the rest of the city.

One of the newest sections of the city, it does not suffer from the overcrowding that much of the city does and many of its residents live here to get away from the city.

South Shore


Two other unofficial districts exist within Los Torres, their boundaries not conforming to any design by the city's planners.

The Shingles

All along the rooftops of Los Torres lie walkways and ramshackle abodes and shops. The Shingles serve as both homes to some of the cities poorest citizens and quick highways over the bustling streets for anyone wishing or requiring to avoid the crowds.

The Vaults

The vaults run beneath all of Los Torres and are far more than just sewers as they incorporate the remains of two other settlements previously located here.

bears; 3 city squares (one constantly under 3 inches of water to look like flooded ruins); lots of palaces; ancient temple of forgotten god; giant castle for duke; also palace for visiting fainish royalty; palace for visiting high royalty; massive wonder - two massive columns leaning toward each other over main square; gardens; nearby forest; a large stable and training field for knights, large armory; Satyrs; lots of churches; university; home to the greatly influential Miner's Guild; royal observatory; the White Towers; Palm trees, warm environment

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