Lord Mayor of Alexandria

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Alexandria is the civic administrator of the city of Alexandria. Within the City of Alexandria, the Lord Mayor is accorded precedence over all individuals except the Sovereign and retains various traditional powers, rights and privileges. One of the world's oldest continuously elected (and thereby successful) civic offices, the Lord Mayor's main role nowadays is to represent, support and promote the businesses and residents in the City of Alexandria.

The Lord Mayor must be noble born, but the position is not hereditary. Rather, nominees are chosen from the Alexandrian Council of Aldermen and then elected by vote. Alternatively, the lord mayor may be directly chosen by the High Crown, as was the case with Adrian d'Bastion.

The current Lord Mayor of Alexandria is Adrian d'Bastion.

A woman who holds the office is also known as a Lord Mayor. The wife of a male Lord Mayor is styled as Lady Mayoress, but no equivalent title exists for the husband of a female Lord Mayor. A female Lord Mayor or an unmarried male Lord Mayor may appoint a female consort, usually a fellow member of the corporation, to the role of Lady Mayoress. In speech, a Lord Mayor is referred to as "My Lord Mayor", and a Lady Mayoress as "My Lady Mayoress".

It is customary for Lord Mayors to be appointed knights upon taking office and baronets upon retirement, unless they already held such a title.

The residence of the Lord Mayor is known as Mansion House.

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