location in the world
Kingdoms 9
Island 4+
Largest City Midenhall
Demonym Lorasian
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Common, Draconic, Giant

Lorasia is a regional group of islands off the northwest coast of Nora. The four main islands are Cannock, Charlock, Moonbrook, and Rhone, together with numerous smaller islands and islets.

There is currently a trade embargo between Lorasia and Nora. However, due to heavy piracy amidst the Darkmouth Sea, blackmarket deals abound between knowledgeable merchants.


see History of Lorasia

First Human Migration

When the Onslaught ravaged Nora (c2,200 PI), many people were pushed north and sailed over the Green Sea to Lorasia to find a new life.

Second Human Migration

After the rise of the Aquarian Empire, another migration took to Lorasia, mostly from the region of Caltirech (c950 PI).


692 PI. Miracle of Hope, 675 PI.

Deathsong Plague

877 NS.

Kira Disappears

1290 NS.


Sovereign Kingdoms

Lands with civilized rule and alliance under a single authority. The more north one goes, the younger the kingdoms.

  • Davan: The dark kingdom of Davan consists of the entire island of Charlock.
  • Edragan: The eladrin kingdom located in Moonbrook.
  • Falrod: A kingdom of wizards.
  • Garland: A kingdom that appreciates the bardic arts.
  • Lukrod: Surrounded on all sides by hostile land, Lukrod is a nation based on faith.
  • Thurgin: Located in central Moonbrook.
  • Treman: The largest and most powerful of Lorasia's kingdoms, Treman is located in north-central Cannok.
  • Thade: Taking up all of Rhone and portions of southeastern Cannok and southern Moonbrook, this kingdom is militant and expansionist.
  • Wessen: The rival and oft enemy of Treman, Wessen's navy is the object of much desire.

Extranational Territories

These territories consist of loose confederacies of cities and towns as well as large patches of untamed wilderness.


- Werewolves
- Golems

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