Lon Saesh
Lon Saesh
Aliases City of Half-elves
Size Small Town
Location Llygaid, Tir'Ein
Ruler Mayor Brythwik Strongheart
Population 4,170
Exports ?

Lon Saesh is a town in Tir'Ein about fifty-five miles west of Lon Kuel and forty miles northeast of Lon Bychan. The town is known as the "City of Half-elves", which makes Lon Saesh one of the rare settlements under 5,000 population with a proper title.


Battle of Lon Saesh


Verdant King Saga


1,170 inside the walls and another 500 or so in the fields. Most of the population is half-elven, over 800. Humans are the next most numerous. There are several elven families throughout the town, but all common races can be found and even more pass through every day.


The half-elven Mayor Brythwik Strongheart is supported by the einish crown as head of the town and its peoples. He is a kind man who enjoys walking around and meeting with the townspeople. Strongheart is supplemented by a small council to aid him in his duties.


There are 20 town guards that patrol the streets to keep the peace, though 400 additional militia members can be called in a number of hours.

Map of Lon Saesh



Bladesinger Inn; Cherrywood Inn. The Bladesinger is more popular with those unfamiliar with local color, while the Cherrywood is very popular with seasoned travelers.


Azure Road Tavern; Cooper’s Tavern; Dire Weasel Taproom; Ol’ Gruff’s; Riverside Alehouse.


Gwidro's Shoppe of Many Things; Old King’s Things.


Cherrywood Inn (Cianna), St. Fêl Chrafangia Cathedral (Church of Light), Rainbow’s End Temple (Tala Errin).

Notable Residents

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