Lodor Sollyn
Lodor Sollyn
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Lodor Sollyn was a cousin of Arasia the Bloodwolf and a commander of her armies. He was a skilled general and a solid swordsman, however he had problems with drugs and whores. He did have a good sense of honor when he was sober enough to use it.

He was trained in swordsman ship since he was five years old and was engaged to Cecillia II d'Avespeare since they were infants. Lodor's father, Roswyn Sollyn believed in a well rounded education and sent Lodor to learn in the four kingdoms and from all types of professionals. One of his tutors was Emelyne Sollyn. He also spend many years at Castle Darkspire with House d'Avespeare.


Early life

Had little interest in martial training.

Life at Castle Darkspire

He and his parents went to live at Castle Darkspire where Lodor's interest suddenly blossomed. They lived there for ten years.

Monastic retreat

At a young age, he left to live at an Erwish temple, who's abbot was Tankard Windpath.


He squired under Ser Aylwin Sollyn, a great knight and tactician. On the side, he was also taken under the tutelage of the intelligent Emelyne Sollyn and learned many valuable skills when off the battlefield.

It was at this time he met Elise d'Harren.

House Therosin

When he turned 19, Emelyne Sollyn insisted he spend the summer in the Kingdom of Coranthe with House Therosin. It would prove to be the most influential summer of his life - when he met Echo d'Verdeaux and Hamlet d'Garron.

Downward spiral


Prince Hamlet d'Garron

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Queen Echo Therosin

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Prince Corran d'Garron

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Ser Reynold Windpath

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Elise d'Harren

see Elise d'Harren

Cecillia II d'Avespeare

see Cecillia II d'Avespeare

Betrothed when they were infants.

Leonurus III

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Grel Wulfgrim

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Ser Roswyn Sollyn

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Arason the Render

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Arasia the Bloodwolf

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