Type House of the Broken Fangs tribe
Leader Konstandja the Grave
Alignment LE
Headquarters ?
Goals ?
Scope ?
Structure ?
Members Hobgoblins

Llafazan is a house (Dinasti) of the Broken Fangs Tribe of hobgoblins. The house is very strict and have a dark reputation.

Konstandja the Grave is a witch who is rumored to have made dark pacts with sources that even hobgoblins distrust. She is blamed for the cult.

They were caught sacrificing captured children to their mysterious gods. This caused much scandal. Much of the dinasti was part of a secret blood cult. Most of the dinasti was destroyed by the Sy Shkëlqen. Though there is much contention of the validity of the claims of how widespread the cult is in the house.

The cult now hides from the rest of the tribe. Some believe they went undreground into the underdark for refuge.

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