The Lizardfolk Prince Saga

The Lizard Folk Prince Saga took place in the summer of 1362 NS. It saw the adventures of Timothy Loralen, Vanthalomi Fiinolas, Nova'shen, Storm and Calinth'dalae.

Ildrad Zinthys

All the characters are brought from their respective places to meet an old wizard in Ildrad Zinthys. Master Archmage Vasa, however, is not taking visitors, even though he's the one who called the PCs. Vasa's assistant, mithren-cel-edrych, kindly advises the characters to go back home.

Vasa is absent minded as his deca-centennial is approaching and he is troubled by the escape of his prized animals. Four albino animals, once in Vasa's menagerie, have now sprinted into the Ghoper Forest. A boar, stag, lynx and an owl. White as the new fallen snow.

Mithren advises against finding these animals, for it would be a monumental task. Even the greatest elven ranger would find it difficult. But if they insist, then good luck.

Another assistant advises that they seek out Josus, the fey to help them on their quest. He can be found to the western part of the forest, known as Feywood.

[In reality, Mithren was the one who let loose the animals, not wanting Vasa to seek outside assistance from the PCs and wants them to leave. It also has the added side effect of Vasa being completely side tracked from the lizard folk attacks.]

Clues from city
- No-one in the city knows how it could have happened.
- The menagerie is attached to Vasa's manor. Animals of all kinds, local and exotic are here, all kept happy, safe and well. There are guards (War lvls 3-5). They say that at night, they might have seen a figure in black, but they can't remember, really. They just found the animals missing.
- The animals had to be fed a specific diet or they would go sick and die. A special chemical found in mushrooms that grow two days north of the city.
- The animals desire to return to their homes.

The Feywood

- They come across a lake, where a Nixie approaches them, giggling. They may talk a while. She has heard of Joesus but does not know where he is. She throws powder on them saying that they will be unable to escape Feywood now, unless they do something for her. She is looking for a silver bracelet that belongs to a group of Black Crones. They live in a patch of dead forest two hours walk from here.

The Black Crones
- Three black crones (treat as Devious Glouras w/o spells) are around a dead tree stump. They talk endlessly and keep drinking from a thing called the "Everfull Cup". At one point one the the crones drink from it two long and the other two get mad and attack the third, non-lethally, but it illustrates that they covet the cup. One of them is wearing a silver bracelet. If the cup is taken from them, they will bargain. They do not wish to be violent but will come to it if attacked.

Back at Feywood
- If the Nixie gets the bracelet, she laughs and dives into the water. Let the PCs sweat a while. Then they hear laughter from a tree. It is a satyr in studded leather. He laughs because the Nixie did nothing to them and they just made fools of themselves. He introduces himself as Joesus and would be happy to accompany the likes of these mortal fools on their quest.

At the mushroom patch
- The boar is at the patch, chomping away at the mushrooms. It will try to run west. The characters are violently approached by a sun elf Ranger (lvl9) he is the keeper of this grove and the boar is his friend. If they talk to him, he relents, saying that the boar does miss his home, but is waiting for his companions to come back. The boar will stay here, while the other animals are gathered.
- There is a nymph near here that could provide assistance. Just don't bear weapons when you approach her pool. (See "The Sad Nymph")
- Deer tracks lead to the north (See "Worshipers of A White Deer")
- Creatures of the forest report that they saw a white owl in a cage being taken to a forest tower. The ranger knows of this tower. It is home to a tiefling (clr5) who is a cruel master of animals. (See "Birds of Flame")

The Sad Nymph

The Nymph's Pool
- The albino lynx is apart of her animal gathering. But he refuses to leave until the Nymph is happy.
- It seems someone has kidnapped a dryad and taken her from her tree. If she is not returned in two days, she will die and the nymph will never smile again. A Knowledge Nature (DC 17) will say that this means the nymph will become a part of the Unseelie court. Go to the Dryad Oak.

The Dryad Oak
- Wagon tracks are found. Boot tracks (Track DC 17 to know that they are human size).

The Poacher's Camp
- Follow the tracks to a camp of 5 humans (war2) armed with longswords. Depending on the time they may be sleeping. A wagon cage has the dryad inside, and she does not look very good. The dryad has a collar that keeps her from using her spell-like abilities.

The Nymph's Pool
- If the dryad is returned alive, the nymph thanks the PCs and gives them each a lock of her hair (Worn around the wrist gives a character +1 deflection to AC). If they decide to head back to the Mushroom Patch, Joesus says he'll catch up with them later. He will not leave a willing nymph.

Worshipers of an Alabaster Deer

Deer Tracks
- They go on for a while. It takes a day of tracking to follow. The deer tracks lead to a mehir circle in a clearing.

Mehir Circle
- The circle is empty, but there is a concentration of deer tracks here. Here are other tracks as well. Elven footprints. The deer's footprints can no longer be tracked. If the characters are patient, at nightfall, a gathering of 8 Wild Elves (Drd2) filter into the circle. Their leader, Ganger (Drd9), begins a ceremony where they call the white deer and it appears. The elves believe that the deer has been sent by Rillifane Rallathil, God of Elder Forests. It will take a lot of talking to convince Ganger of the mistake as he truly believes the deer to be a servant of the Leaflord. Simply talking to the deer will show its desire to return to its menagerie.

Birds of Flame

The Ivy Tower
- They approach a wooden tower with vines of ivy growing all over it.
- If they knock on the door, a raven sitting on a branch nearby will ask them what they want. The raven (actually an imp) says he is the servant of the master of the Ivy Tower. The raven will not admit there is an owl here, nor will he truly answer any question straight. He will insist that his master is not accepting visitors. If pressured, the raven will say the only thing that will allow them into the tower is either brute force or a written Command of Entry from the Tir'Ein Kingdom (good luck).
- If they enter forcefully, the raven flies off to the top of the tower.
- If they go back for a written Order of Entry, they will be hard pressed to get one from one of the elven magistrates. If on the extremely off chance they get one, the raven will tell the master and he will come to answer, show the character's around, but nothing will be found w/o successful search checks for hidden doors (see The Ivy Tower below).
- The Tiefling releases the Firebirds that attack the players. They must defeat the birds, the imp and the Tiefling.
- The owl is kept in the top of the tower. If released, different birds of many breeds are also freed.

Meeting with Vasa

The Mushroom Patch
- Once all the animals are gathered, the sun elf allows the characters to leave with the animals. He even travels back with the group to the city, but does not enter the walls.

Ildrad Zinthys
- The animals go without problem back into the menagerie. Mithren is astonished and goes to talk to Vasa. The Characters are invited to a feast in their honor tonight.
- Next day, Nodwick tells that Gerant came to see them. Vasa will be ready to meet them in two days.

The Meeting with Vasa
- Mithren tells them specific rules when talking with Vasa at night in the menagerie. Only when the moon is unclouded. Only talk when spoken to.

Captured by Orcs

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