The lizardfolk of the Hightide Swamps have a heavy druidic tradition.

Lizardfolk, or lacerti as they call themselves, are divided into four tribes, the Auctumnus, the Hiems, the Ver, and the Aestas. As the year goes along the tribes change territory, circling the Magnus Arbor in a clockwise fashion with the largest, northern, territory being granted to the tribe whose season corresponds with the current time of year.

Unguis Rex is a title for the leader of the Aestas tribe and leader of the lizardfolk nation. The current keeper of that title is Ruber Folium. His son is Selandine, named by the elves as part of a treaty between the elves and lizardfolk.


Name Season Scale color Role Alignment
Auctumnus Autumn Red Killers, soldiers NE
Hiems Winter White Priests, keepers of the dead N
Ver Spring Blue Healers, gatherers N
Aestas Summer Green Rulers of lacerti, scholars LN
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