list of Fainish monarchs

House d'Falaven

Name Birth Marriage Death
Shaun III cell-content cell-content cell-content
Shaun IV 50 NS
son of Shaun III
cell-content 112
Grimald I 95 NS
son of Shaun IV
cell-content 149
Grimald II 118
son of Grimald I
cell-content 151
Grimald III 135
son of Grimald II
cell-content 154
Shaun V 138
son of Grimald II
cell-content 156
Grimald IV 111 cell-content 160
Odon of Jaress 132 cell-content 170
Grimald V 151
son of Grimald II
cell-content 201
Reno 138 cell-content 195
Jules 162 cell-content 208
Shaun VI 192
son of Grimald V
cell-content 226
Merrick 213
son of Shaun VI
cell-content 258
Shaun VII 239
son of Merrick
cell-content 259
  • Shaun VIII during the Second Hellgate War.

House d'Falaven restored (Lucian Kings)

  • Lucy III died during the Orcwars.

Grand Stewards of Ilefain

Name Birth Marriage Death
Elbast of Lindblum cell-content cell-content 1351
Siege of Lindblum
Dion de'Chantfeu cell-content cell-content cell-content
Stewart of Lindblum 1338
son of Elbast of Lindblum
Tory of Lindblum
1 son
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