list of Aquarian emperors

This is a list of Aquarian emperors.

Those individuals who have historically been accepted as the 'official' emperors are in bold; usurpers or other claimants generally excluded from regnal lists are in italics. Unless otherwise stated, the succession to the title was from an emperor to his nominated heir, and death was by natural causes.

Five Exalted Emperors

Reign Incumbent Notes
c1,200 PI
56 years
Pangus the Dragonblooded the first emperor
19 years Mamercus I cell-content
21 years Leonurus I cell-content
22 years Optimus I cell-content
8 years Optimus II cell-content

Seven Vile Emperors

Reign Incumbent Notes
3 years Mamercus II cell-content
13 years Andreas cell-content
13 years Martinus cell-content
10 years Gnaeus cell-content
2 years Mamercus III cell-content
1 year Optimus III cell-content
8 years Lucius cell-content

Intermediate emperors

Reign Incumbent Notes
- Julian III -
prior to 1,000 PI Emanus Vincian murdered by septimus-tremanus

Reign of Septimus Severus

Reign Incumbent Notes
c1,000 PI
100 years
septimus-tremanus empire reached its maximum expansion; longest reigning emperor; known as the Mad Emperor
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