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Aliases The Sky Harbor
The Flying City
Hunter's City
The Beehive
Size Metropolis
Location Erwynn, Ilefain
Ruler Grand Regent
Stewart of Lindblum
Lord Mayor
Aluiz d'Rallerdon
Population 45,000
Exports Technology, airships,
bricks, metalworks,
clothing, furnature

Lindblum is the capital city of Ilefain and home to the Grand Regency of the Royal Crown. It is the largest city in Erwynn and is divided into five districts. The city is built on top of Mount Henri almost vertically making it almost impossible to reach all of its districts on foot. Aircabs have been built to taxi people from point to point.

Due to the amount of trade goods sent in and out of the city, the population and general wealth, Lindblum is one of the most prosperous cities in Nora and has been the political center of Ilefain for over 300 years, a position once held by Jaress. The current mayor is Aluiz d'Rallerdon, in office since 1370.

Lindblum has a very modern governance and city structure. The aesthetic of the city combines state of the art architecture and transportation with the look and feel of historic Fainish towns. Its landmarks include the Lindblum Grand Castle, the Lindblum Magnificent Theatre and the Lindblum Royal Airshipyards, one of only two current airshipyards in Nora.

During the world-shattering Siege of Lindblum in 1351, Lindblum was bombed by the Alexandria fleet, and attacked by the Noran Army consecutively. The battle came to a close when an earth titan was summoned by the Noran forces and managed to destroy much of the city.

Nonetheless, Mayor Mace-Gaston fir Artania's and Regent Elbast of Lindblum's determination saw to it that the city was rebuilt. Under the constant labor of Lindblum's people, the city was reconstructed.

Lindblum is one of the most technologically advanced community Nora. Recently, groundbreaking technological discoveries have allowed Lindblum's engineers to create transportation vehicles such as aircabs and even airships.



  • began as a dwarven city Lindormberg of the Nachtfalter Clan.
  • Legend has it that the city was founded after a couple of brave dwarves had slain the abominable dragon, a winged "Lindwurm" in the hills, the staple diet of which is said to have been virgins, but which did not spurn the fat bull on a chain that the dwarves had mounted on a strong tower. The feat is commemorated by a grandiose 9-ton monument in the city center.

The plague and the new capital

Due to the combined hardships of the Deathsong Plague and the Orcwars, the seat of Fainish governance was moved to Lindblum.

The Basalte Airshipyards

Siege of Lindblum

see Siege of Lindblum


Tiefling architect redesigned the city.



  • Lindblum Royal Airfleet
  • Grand Mironel Riders

Important Factions

Disctricts of Lindblum


  • Magnificent Theater (3 stages)
  • 2 great towers
  • City Park
  • 3 Forts located down the roads
  • Museum (one of the largest in Nora)
  • Twilight Concert Hall
  • Castle Square
  • Grand Pandemonium Square
  • Necropolis
  • Succubus Poetry House
  • du'Temair Rose Garden
  • Hollow Hill Tavern
  • Lindblum Titorium Arena
  • Hunter's University
  • Tomb of the Innocent (monument after the naval invasion)
  • Basalte Bridge


  • Lindblum Cathedral
  • Church of the Iron Spear
  • House of the Aria (temple to the sublime song)
  • Mountain Monastery



  • Festival of the Hunt
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