Lilly Am Thirwyn
Lilly Am Thirwyn
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Ildrad Zinthys
Date of Birth 1334 NS
Home Ildrad ZInthys
Title Ardalyth of Ildrad Zinthys
Physical Description
Race Half Elf
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Loyalty Tir'Ein

Lilly Am Thirwyn is the half-elf ardalyth of Ildrad Zinthys. She was hand picked by Thalami Brenin to represent him in his absence. She is not only the chief administrator of the city, but also the head ambassador to the Allied Kingdoms.

She is famous for her political formidability. Ardalyth Thirwyn has been known to turn stark enemies into hardened allies with just one mediated discussion.

Although an expert shot with a bow, she has no military experience and claims to have never been a part of violence.

She resides in Castle Hedyn.

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