Lillends are mysterious outsiders. Many are skilled in one or more forms of artistic expression. Lillends are lovers of music and art. Gold, even food, means little to them, while a song, story, or piece of artwork holds great value. The destruction of art and the ill treatment of artists enrages them. They are infamous for holding grudges, and they are often encountered seeking violent retribution against enemies of their favorite arts.

Lillends also have a great love of unspoiled wilderness. The wilds remind them of the natural beauty of their home plane, and they occasionally visit and enjoy similar regions. A lillend is as protective of its chosen wilderness as it is of the arts. These beings sometimes form temporary alliances with rangers, druids, and bards to defend their favorite retreats against the encroachment of civilization. Sometimes a covey of lillends adopts a tract of wilderness, using any means necessary to drive off despoilers.

Lillends often speak Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, and Common.

Lillends are generally peaceful unless they intend vengeance against someone they believe guilty of harming, or even threatening, a favored art form, artwork, or artist. Then they become implacable foes. They use their spells and spell-like abilities to confuse and weaken opponents before entering combat. A covey of lillends usually discusses strategy before a battle.

Physical features

A typical lillend’s coils are 20 feet long. The creature weighs about 3,800 pounds. A few lillends have male torsos.

Art and nature

The ultimate aesthete, a lillend values beauty above all. Lillends appreciate magnificence in every aspect of art. They take pleasure in lovely items such as paintings and sculptures. More esoteric creations ranging from poetry to flower arranging also please them. Lillends care intensely about the natural beauty of a forest spring, a windswept mountain, or an unspoiled limestone cave. Those who take up the life of an adventurer do so to actively protect the treasures of beauty and art, or to punish those who would destroy such things.

Lillends are the tale-tellers and chroniclers of the azata, gathering lore and recording stories in the form of epic poems and songs. Although they have no need of mortal nourishment, it is said that lillends sup on the joy of music, art, and performance.

They also love unspoiled wilderness and seek out places in the mortal realm that remind them of the beauty of their home plane. From the lore of numerous races come tales of these muses, particularly those that have taken a vested interest in the training of a single talented prodigy or the ongoing creation of some fantastic work of art. Such legends sometimes prove true, as all lillends have their favorite works, creations, and artists, and often visit the Material Plane to enjoy their splendor and make sure they remain safe. In the defense of such beauty, lillends prove passionate foes, calling upon the might of nearby allies or crushing philistines in their striking but deadly coils.

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