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Aliases Linshay
Size Megopolis
Location Wang Guan, T'ien
Ruler Governor Wong Chi-yeung
Population 110,706
Exports ?

Lian (Shao: Liánshì; 連市) is a major port in T'ien and its third largest city. Built mostly on swamps, it is one of the older cities in T'ien and its particularly noted for its architecture. With a deep and well dredged harbor, ships constantly come here to trade for silk, rice, spices, and the advanced sciences of the Empire. It is a bustling port, where one can find almost any type of goods, and meet people from all over Shao-Wei, and even Badikhiya. It is the largest city of the Wang Guan Province, and is a conduit for Keelung tea and silk.

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