We've reached the final days
We tread the light of nothingness
In fractured existence, we praise the light that still remains

We have reached the final war
Beaten heads broken against the wall forevermore
Was it worth the violence? Was it worth the cause?
Was it worth the inevitable changing of the guard?

The code of deliverance leads us closer
—Book of Exitium

The Lexicon is the central holy book of the Church of Light. It has a range of meanings. It can most specifically mean the four holy books of the Gods of Light and it usually includes the clerical commentaries. Common to all these meanings, the Lexicon consists of the foundational narrative of the Church: the awakening of the Gods, the defeat of the Titans and the and the covenant with the Gods of Light, which involves following a way of life embodied in a set of moral and religious obligations.


Book of Peace


Book of Flowers


Book of Virtue

Verai Songbird

Book of Reflections


Book of Exitium

Trials and tribulations of the Years Without Light. Gospel of the Living.

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