Leprechauns (sylvan: Túatha), also known as Logherymen, a Lurigadawne, a Luricawne or a Cluricawne, are small, fun-loving tricksters. They are most commonly found in forests and share the close connection with nature that is possessed by most fey creatures. Leprechauns love playing tricks on unknowing passersby—almost as much as they love a fine bottle of wine and a plateful of hot food in their bellies. They often steal something of worth from adventurers just to provoke a chase. Using their ability to disappear at will to its full potential, they wait until their victims appear to be about to give up the chase before reappearing once more to let the chase resume. They are not greedy creatures, and eventually drop what they’ve stolen, slipping away while their angry pursuers claim the lost property. The exception is gold—leprechauns love gold and often hoard it in secret, hidden places. It is rumored that a person who catches a leprechaun or finds a gold coin in the forest and returns it to the leprechaun that dropped it will be granted wishes as a reward.

Leprechauns prefer not to kill other creatures unless the ones attacking them are malicious or known enemies of the forest or fey. They often use their powers to befuddle and annoy evil folk, tricking creatures such as giants and orcs into thinking a forest is haunted.

Leprechauns are very capable cobblers. Wearing a pair of boots made by these fey can lead you to great fortune.

They have been describes as "quite a beau in his dress, notwithstanding, for he wears a red square-cut coat, richly laced with gold, and inexpressible of the same, cocked hat, shoes and buckles."

A leprechaun who joins the unseelie court will become a red cap.

Leprechauns can be found in northern Caltirech and in the isles of Lorasia.

They are a very old race, one of the first fey races to come to Nora.

There are four legendary treasures kept by the leprechauns.

Notable Leprechauns

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