Leonurus III
Leonurus III
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Jurus
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death (place) ?
Home Jurus
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Magister militum
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

"Erwynn keeps dumping wives on him and one by one they die. The man's cock is cursed." - Arason the Render

"Don't worry so much. The gods are good. Everything will be fine." - Leonurus to his bodyguard.

Leonurus III was the Magister militum of the Domain of Sulla, considered one of the last Aquarian officials. His father was Cygnius, also Magister militum before Leonurus and his mother was Laurele of Arches, a relative of the last emperor.

He was known for his idealism and drive for prosperity and good will across the kingdoms. He was driven, good spirited and daring.


Early life

First marriages

Kidnapping of heir

During an outing, Constance d'Garron and her son, Aulus, were kidnapped by brigands. Instead of holding them hostage for reward, they intended to sacrifice them to their dark gods. Luckily two hedge knights, Sebastian and Viola, came in and saved Aulus, but they were unable to save Constance from being sacrificed.

Leonurus rewarded the two knights by giving them lands and title, residences in the city and a place in his court. Sebastian and Viola chose the surname Constance in memory of the lady they couldn't save.


Ser Valerie d'Bataless

see Valerie d'Bataless

master-at-arms and fencing instructor.


brother. Became a Ankejian monk.

Kailen d'Garron

see Kailen d'Garron

current fiancee of Leonurus.

three former wives

each after another; each dying due to mysterious circumstances.


he keeps numerous concubines.


son was rescued by a pair of hedge knight twins.

Queen Echo Therosin

see Echo Therosin

finds her beautiful and charming. She is his best friend.

King Saerus d'Garron

see Saerus d'Garron

views him as a stubborn uncle, favors his advice, but thinks he is too stiff.

Lodor Sollyn

see Lodor Sollyn

A druken, but trusted military adviser.

Sebastian and Viola Constance

see Sebastian Constance and Viola Constance

The saviors of Leonurus's son Aulus.

Arasia the Bloodwolf

see Arasia the Bloodwolf

antagonistic. Arasia is a public critic of Leonurus's lax capabilities, his ignorance of politics and his inability to have a meaningful reign.

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