Leonid Antonov
Leonid Antonov
Biographical Information
Date of Birth 1347 NS
Location of Birth Evandra, Erdrafos
Alias(es) Ogreasmorderson
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Dark brown
and green-hazel
Family Information
Family Members Anton Halfhand (Father)
Sasha il'Berzanti (Sister)

"It will get you one day and I will be there standing on a large pile of corpses laughing at you when it comes."
—Leonid Antonov

Leonid Antonov (born Leonardo il'Berzanti) is a warrior who was taught the ways of battle by the ogre Biegolmai. He is on a mission to defeat the Order of Praavda and free the people of the region of Rothirschtal. Leonid is a great warrior, wielding greatswords with ease and precision. He is capable of reaching a state of battle fury and shrug off hits that would kill a normal man.

The son of Anton Halfhand, Leo was burdened with his father's unfinished tasks after Anton was killed.


Early Years

First adventures

Training with Biegolmai

Freeing the spirits

Personality and Description

Leo is tall and muscular after living in the Wyrmspires for his teen years. He shaves his head regularly and has off colored eyes that unease those they settle upon.

Leonid is direct and sometimes crude, often bluntly honest to the point of seeming boorish, and sees no real reason to hide his actions or intent. He is also somewhat hotheaded and impulsive, particularly once the battle has started. Despite this, he is intelligent and self-aware enough of his behavior to know when to stay quiet. He lacks many basic social graces and knows it, preferring to keep quiet rather than needlessly provoke someone.

Curiously amoral in his beliefs, he considers those he crosses blades with as adversaries rather than enemies; their choices have brought them into conflict, and whoever emerges the victor has become so out of their own ability.

Leonid loves little more than competition. Whether this expresses as combat, contests of skill or ability or even a battle of wills, he is most at home in the thick of a battle’s chaos. Notably, though, he feels a measure of pity for those who have had their ability to self-determinate stripped from them by the Order of Praavda.

Leonid holds freedom and the right to self-determinate in the highest esteem. He also disbelieves in fate, rather opting to have faith in one's power of choice. While he acknowledges the existance of gods, he prefers to hold faith in the self rather than pray to outside influences, deific or not.

Leonid prefers action to thought. He is quick to make his opinion known and equally swift to take action, often with little thought of immediate danger or consequences. He is not particularly brave in the correct sense of the words –he simply appears to lack the emotion of fear, instead manifesting a form of pragmatic preservation instinct that tells him when he is well and truly in over his head.

He respects magic, especially that which comes from the power of nature. But unlike Ranita Riverchild, he does not have a pack mentality, viewing himself as a solitary hunter, using speed, stealth, guile and brutal efficiency to down his adversaries.

Powers and Abilities

On the subject of violence, Leonid is something of a prodigy. He has very little of what the civilized world would properly consider “training,” but his raw talent of inflicting harm on others more than compensates. As in life, he improvises his way through a fight, and has an instinctive understanding of the ebb and flow of a battle, able to adapt to enemy tactics and abilities with alarming speed. He has a knack for being able to copy a trick almost as soon as he sees it, leading to a unique “style” that defies description as often as it appears to defy physics.


"She doesn't belong to me. We were friends from a simpler time."
—Leonid Antonov

Malina is a crag cat.

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