Legeon (Legeó̱n) or, The One From Many, is one of the twelve gods and a patron of wealth, contracts, binding law, tyranny and the right of power. He is the protector of kings and emperors. He ensures regal authority is kept and true law is respected. Politicians, scholars and poets also look to Legion for favor as all strive for knowledge and power. Often political figures have minted his image into currency.

Closely tied with Damien, Legeon watches over the royal dead. He also has been granted immunity from Damien's judgment and as such may come back to life at will. His clergy claims that he can give this gift to others and many appeal to him so that they may gain the secret to immortality.

He resides over the realm of Carcereth where he keeps the souls of the wicked dead and pushes them for their deeds during life.

Though he is the punisher of the wicked, his followers have a strange tradition in which they attempt to steal the holy symbols and even relics of other gods. If they are not caught, Legeon will bring them good fortune, but if caught, his wrath is brought down for not being skilled enough to attempt such an endeavor.

Although a patron of kings, he also watches over shepherds and their flock. A ram born with four horns is said to be blessed by Legeon. He is also associated with mice as they show that food, and thus wealth, is plentiful.

Legeon created the maple tree and it is said it is the craftiest tree of them all.

Legeon freely encourages his followers to gain knowledge and wisdom so they may be better versed in law and leadership. He especially encourages the acquisition of obscure or forbidden knowledge. For knowledge is power and having power no one else has is key.

It was only once that Legion was outsmarted and this was by Tala Errin, god of trickery. However, Legeon recovered and never again will he ever be undone through deceit.

He is often a lover of Shaydis.

He is depicted as a regal robed figure wearing a crown and always smiling a wicked smile.

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