Legend of the Worlds

The Legend of the Worlds is a creation myth shared by many peoples of Aremia.

In the beginning of time, the Ancients ruled the land from cities of unimaginable might. They built gates so they may travel freely and monumental guardians to keep them safe.

But as they grew more powerful, they too grew afraid. Slowly, they drew more underground and left their overland treasures to rot.

Some of the Ancients chose not to flee and stayed in the sunlight. They lived content on the surface, forgetting their heritage until the great city of Elirhondas and the Magic Of Words.

Most flocked to the Forgotten City to learn this new power, while others shunned the Ancient Ways in favor of the peaceful ways of their tribes.

A war began which ended with a horrible event. A blast of magic turned the land to desert and the city sank under the sand. The followers of Elirhondas were infused with its words and became the Illumians, while the others were cursed with the face of beasts and became of Sharakim.

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