Legend of Elemental Evil

also see cast of characters from Legend of Elemental Evil

Legend of Elemental Evil is a saga about an incursion of Elemental Evil in Riven during the Age of Alexander in the year 1592 ARC (38 NS). A group of companions known as the Dark Strangers investigate.


Red Larch

Luendig Marsarryn Delegation

Quill - LA contact.

Argentea and Palladius dont talk.
A to the Inn.
P wears insignia openly. follows A.
A speak with innkeeper via telepathy.

next day A looks for Quill.

P asks butchers for info. ask father at chepel about map.

Kayden walks in and looks for room. Gileedha tells him about the witch.

Pand A interact. Have we met before?

Kayden attempts to question the witch.

merrow takes two rowmen. capsizes the boat.


captain Kovo

keelboat is part of the cult.

they ask kovo into the castle

they help carry crates from Nethering

enter caslt eiwth passcode.

put away in the armory.

jolliver accepts them and tells them that Ursha will show them around.

Ursha's tatoo say "all blood is water"

she shows them around

Agentea SUGGESTS to Ursha that they would be good friends and Jolliver need not know.

jolliver doesnt like being called Jolly

Kovo was the captain that took the delegation to Fierport. The characters caught him on his return trip.

Kayden inspects the stables under the guise of repairing it, but is looking for fire starters. (fails)

Argentea plays liars dice with several of the crew and gains their favor.

Palladio looks at the keep cave dark stream. he splashes into the water while no one was looking.

Kayden goes to the chapel.

Kayden imporesses the priestess and she promises to ordain and baptize him next morning service.

Get on top of a crushing wave. it will come soon.

tells Argentea about the caravan and they were taken by the crushing wave to the sacred stone monosteryu.

they all talk about the cult they find themselves in.

Peasants side with the PCs.

Skulk stings six bandits and four reavers.

1- out
2- out
3 - out

jolliver talkes them out of the castle. Argentea is locked in the castle.

Jolliver - 65

greatsword now in river, trown by jolly.

palladius pours fire over jolly

jollys flips him over palladius grabs torch

"how do you like your ribs?" lights on fire.

kayden awakes and retrieves sword.

arg goes into the tower and finds peasants.

he finds jolly'd room

goes into ursha's room and tells her about strange happening. ursha attacks, had high hopes. vampiric toiuch

arg whistles a horrid tune and bolts.

URSHA (52) -

REAVER (22) -

Argentea drops. from sleep

argentea awakes in the chapel and is informed he will be the sacrifice in the morning.

all bandits and peasants leave.

they attack as argentea is abouit to be sacrificed.

Priest (crushing wave priest)

Ursha (fathomer)

3 reavers


argentea spills ink on her

is dropped during fight

priestess is stab her, but palladius shoots the witch.

2057g in the castle found.

tunnel river flows west.

torches are continual flame

rest in the castle

bind familiar - reshape skulk into an imp. skulk has a third eye.

get on the keelboat and head up river towards the stone monatery.

red thunder

Sacred Stone Monastery

Vessin - dark gnome paladin. worhsips Vala and Kira.

vessin goes in to get proof of his ability to the local dragonborn clans. he enters the monatery through the latrines and snuck around. found distillery. found slave pens. he is spotted and grabbed a cask of brandy and run.

vessin runs out door chased by two monks, others find him and slay the monks.

they send in skulk. they hear a loud deep implosion and skulk comes back out proudly sdaying he found something.

umber hul SMASHES out the doors and attacks, soon joined by a pair of earth guards.

aft rethe fight Qarbo introduces himself and tells them to enter the monesatry if they wish to enter the afterlife.

they take a short rest.

go down stiars see umber hulk cage.

broke western iron door.

vessin was not lost in mines. found secret mine exit found two paths

went back upstairs and went to east door. saw garden statues. vessin maces closest statue and the mace is caught by statue, other gargoyles look over.

Gargoyles carry off Vessin.

defeat gargoyles. argentea through psychic attacks.

kayden looks through window into dark room.

tries door with arcane lock argentea recognises Renwick's arcane sigil.

go inside and check hellenrae's empty room argentea loots the chest.

check distillery - palladius takes some casks

kayden bashes open the stiars door. but moves on.

they look into the scruiptorium

kayden enters the hall. "i have no interest in your philosophy, i want to know where the delegates are. you have one chance to answer choose your words wisely.

"words are useless to the dead"

before he can attack, argentea fears him.

argentea pretends to submission to qarbo and freezes him - he falls over and shatteres.

kayden falls to the monks

hellenrea, covered in ice, shatters it off her gets up and downs argentea.

kayden revives due to unlocking his next piece of life.

gives off a life aura. and heals him an dargentea.

kayden runs, but is quickly put down by hellenrae.

argentea falls again to the monks

palladius falls in the hall way to more monks.

Argentea wakes in the northern slave pen. w/o items.

Rudegarius speaks to her.

arg cannot sense skulk (is after vessin)

arg attempts to recal familiar but cannot due to familiar being further than 100 feet.

arg breaks her bonds

kayden wakes and breaks the cage door.

they speak with redegarius and find out about the others.

3 trogs and an ogre.

rudegarius has fire breath

palladius sneaks to get equip.

fire breath to explode brandy casks

everythings on fire.

pall runs in grabs bow and sword

runs back and give kayden sword.

palladius has no arrows

dispatch trogs and arg melts oger's brain

arg's bolts are destroyed.

prisoners - five dark gomes and thirteen humans

arg telepathys the dark gnomes and win them over.

get arrows and rest of things.

try to open door to tomb.

armor style pre-dark empire

kayden ants to open samular's crypt

arg protests.

kayden opens empty sarcophogas - zombies animate

zombie has House Caradoon signet ring - Ring of Fire Resistance.

peasants question why the heros are raiding samular's tomb, but kayden explain he was searching for a hidden switch and wins over the crowd.

short rest.

leads outside.

skulk not contactable.

rudegerus will lead prisoners to the Ruins of Calamte. With the Knights of Samular.

back in to the monastery.

they see Hellenrae.

they investigate arcane lock door.

skulk still unreachable.

dawn comes

kayden caves in roof.

kayden and arg meet renwick.

renwick gives book to arg with spells isnide - Create Bonfire and Investiture of Flame

"New Experiments and Observations on Geomancy" by Renwick Caradoon

they leave Renwick.

decide to head to Calamite.

they do have Rudegerus's note.

down the ancient stair.

stairs end in bridge and see gargoyles.

arg shoots a gargoyle.

gargoyles attacks. one takes kayden off the bridge but kayden is too heavy, kayden falls to the bottom. three gargoyles gang up on kayden down there.

argentea then is grabbed, but palladius shatters that one with an arrow.

kayden kills the one on him

the other two bug out.

palladius scouts ahead and sees the giant gates - loolks further to see hobgoblins and a bullette.

after resting in the stair well, they retreat back to the monastery.

Palladius checks out the scriptorium and find copies of Secrets of the Black Earth.

Argentea reads the book.

Palladius sees an eagle give him a message from Dreena.

Palladius is gay?

Siege on the Farm

ride to Calamite.

accepted by the knights and taken to the abbess, Ushien.

gives 30 platinum to Ushien. for steeds


Ushien will work logistics and recon.

Ushien reveals location of Feathergale Spire.

argentea buys healing potions.

Ushien will give full plate for discounted price if Kayden agrees to af avor later - he agrees.

kayden black hair

argentea white scales.

palladius has brass scales.

they leave to the south on horses.

two day ride

they see black column of smoke

argentea hears selwyn inside burning house.

arg and kayden go in. arg removes selwyn who begs them to save his wife before falling uncon.

kayden is overcome by smoke.

arg helps kayden out - no wife.

kayden cures selwyn.

arg gives selwyn a crossbow. selwyn has a goat-beater stick as well.

find the gobbos on a hill near a creek.

selwyn is proud - wont accept charity.

palldius tosses some plat in the wagon.

Welcomed by Fyndrick, Erned (knight of iron spear)

Erned came down a year ago to do talks with the kof Samular.

Erned has a potty mouth.

arg goes back to get selwyn and co.

Kerbin is former Dark Empire.

Kerbin cant use left side of body.

pall goes to scout

kayden helps with defenses.

pall scouts and sees warband of 50 gobs.

palladius sees 100 hbs and 2 dozen gobs

comes back and reports.

Flamran, two scouts and 6 archer commoners join palladius to harry the hobgolins.

slayer of the hobgoblin warlord. scout. played by john.
shot with two arrows.

six dead total in the siege.

destiny-guy joins the lord's alliance. kayden writes a letter of recommendation addressed to the ruler of Ostium.

arg tries to give money. kerbin refuses, but dreena takes it on the sly.

palladius gets commendation from the warders.

1 - 25
3 - 18

hellhounds in inn. set it on fire.

question thorsk.

seek out larmon in the bar - arg intimidates them out of encounter

larmoin taklen the to shallow graves. - they find bodies.

Featherspire Tower

they see the tower in the distance.

skulk is back.

wait til night.

skulk releases drawbridge and bar on door.

after fighting the knights - the tower is empty.

servants say prisoners get attached to rock in canyon. they also say thats where the knights prolly went.

vessin summons lizard at temple

skulk finds him and ppoijnts out the party is at the tower

vessin rejoins parrty.

see gore covered rocks

see gnolls - sneak around

find arch - rescue people

gnolls rush in running from something

manticore comes and attacks - is defeated by nuc's hungar of hadar

they fix up captives and rest - Nic farms manticore.

servants tell them of the cave up river where vips are taken.

ranger calms vultures.

desaddle all but three vultures.

at end of gully is petra door. three hurricanes and two bloodhawks.

john defeats them with spirits. thought they tried to gust them with wind.

go downstairs for miles

vessin says they going to gnome city

vessin goes to shop - sees nothing

kayden and don look at zigg

skulk explore area and report genie and living area

arg and vess try to cross bridge - wyvern rider sees and attacks

arg scares wyvern ovber zigg

pall seeks around zigg and wyvern comes for him and kay.

pall shoots rider - wyv eats rider and rests on pillars

soon after, vess goes inside zigg for hselter, but is full of cultists

they attack, one cultist summons wind, blowing back kay

other summons lightning and heav dam kay, pall and vess. kay beings crawling towards cultists. one culkt is swept away by wind into the abyss.

arg steps to cast spells but is blown by wind into river

kay throws rope and catches arg.

vess walks against wind and attacks cultists. kay finishes them off.

a horn is sounded from upstairs - skulkk goes iup and sees a blue skinned elf with blue sphere talking with the genie from before

geneie comes down stairs and the poarty runs back to the surface. wyvern hisses as they run by.

the genie's orders was to get rid of the intruders - he considers the task fulfilled, but may follow up on the task.

giant vultures heading for red larch.

kayden wants to request aid from the lord's alliance and update the story.

endrith says all books and paper sold is 20% payed for by the high crown to help spread knowledge. (subsidized)

vess contacts svirf elders.

possible magical gear and potions / funds with Lords alliance?

Temple of Elemental Evil

Quill asks for three days

Will summon a wizard to brew potions and craft items.

tavern people compalin about Aurel II. quill lea ves to pen letters.

kayden will hang around red larch

pall goes to scout fire place

arg and vess go to calamite.

Ukko gives four potions.

svirf dont panic with telepathy

pall gets noticed at the hall. hellhound is there in iron cage

arg work orders heal pots

vess work orders full plate.

currently at alchem lab
fire 2
glue 3

work order for tanglefoot bags.

quill hands 1200 gp.

elven gem of brightness

necklace of adaptation

two healing potions.

everyone got back together after three days.

ride off on buzzards to the tower.

kayden crashes into tower. vulture is crippled and cannot fly. - kayden heals, and vulture gtfos.

giant bats awake

floor collapses

elizar sees kay and vess - summon mephits.

pall lands on hole and kills 2 bats.

arg's vult hit by two bolts.

bats attack pall's bird - 10. vulture flies away - pall jumps down and kills another bat.

arg's vulture get another bolt and goes down. lands - still alive.

elizar casts fire wall.

pall jumps out of tower onto scaffolding, ties rope is shot at, botches next jumps, falls infront of iron cage, hellhound breath.

arg is captured, draws in caputres, arms of hadar and gtfos.

vessen and elizar fight.

elizar leaves the floor below.

vessin misty steps out of the tower and is surrounded by guardians - is dropped.

arg is dropped by guards coming into the house she ran into.

pall drops one of the chanters. last one wakens the wicker man who begins to head towards pall.

g6 40

elizar - 47

c3 22

elemental 114

elemental cvhses pall, setting fire

kayden rtuns upstairs fighting off guards

elizard taunts kayden "You will soon fall to the flames"

arg comes awake and sicks skulk on the guards, they freak out and catch fire. thier fellows try to put them out

vessin sees grasshopper amber and sees griffin shadow. "Rise and be who you were meant to be." - vessin gets up and kicks ass.

begins to rain.

elemental chases palladius to hte back of the tower.

vessin kills guards and goes inside the towqer and falls to magmins.

skulk gives heal pot to kayden, but it falls and cultist falls through floor trying to kill skulk.

elizar thunderwaves the wall.

guard pulls kayden down hole and all the way down to bottom floor.

elizar leaps down and jumpos over wall as arg looks on.

skulk gives vessin healing

last one fire guard runs free. - guy who fell.

magmins are defeated. - tower falls

pall fails to see elizar fleeing.

elementax appears "the elder eye sees you."

arg blasts him.

pall takes off after elizar. cant track

treasure gathering.

vess goes down tunnel to fire temple.

they take out hobbies through skulkr trikery and ambush tactics.

razer blasts have ica stones.

"imix defend us" - pillars erupt into flame.

defeated the razors and leave the room - pillars strill activated.

go back top.

kayden feeds hellhoud corpses.

tell lord's alliance to retake the haunted keeps.

wake up to Quill - tells of ruins holding cyclopse dagger

go to vale of waters.

boulder trap - vvessin stopps with shield

wedding scene

female rakshasa

"you couldld hav eknoiwn we were here, who sent you?"

RAK 87

melts into fog and goes upstairs.

rak buggs out will try again at halls of hunting axe.

Runrik the Assassin

vessin doesnt want to turn martin into lords alliance. - kayden does

take martyn back to red larch - turn him into Quill.

quill is retailoring armor for vessin.

recheck map to make sure its accurate.

rest in red larch and take downtime for a week.

arg has a PIECE of crystal that glows faintly in the moonlight. orb of wind?? the elves would know.

ukko tells the tail of Elementax - part of it at least.

vessin gets studded leather and trades in chain mail.

go into fire temple and erradicate the hob guards.

fight fire cultists in pillar room.

rest in hobb entrance

they go down the hall way and see the grand forge.

they see the cells - arg sends skulk down the hall and sees salamanders. they plan to free them - or at least talk to them.

they fight the guardians and flamewraths. the noise of the foundry hide their battle.

slamander leader is in the foundry. lutenant is in the cages. Ja'gadish

Prince Dasaratha

slamanders are freed. the group rests while slamanders watch.

the prince speaks of volanda and the temple. promises if the characters can get them back to the giant, he would give them a boon.

prince doubts can enter the final lava pool with the giant. does not know what would happen. but can take care of the other slamanders.

go to hobbies barracks - find pearl of power. - ogres room find stone of luck.

they hear convertsation from cultist barracks. they go in to attack

arg threatens cultists.

pall shoots one. he falls over on the table.

the rest of the group cpmes in the room.

a door opens - its elizar - arg fires elrich blasts at him.

elizar - d

he casts wall of fire

kayden fights elizar

kayden and vessin fight elizar and kill him - he catches fire and burns in a pile.

fire wall goes down.

two more priests come out of the other room.

the cultists are defeated.

find potion of fire breath and ring of fire res.

party takes long rest. protectect by salamanders.

find silkver chalaioces from lords alliance - used in alliance making. - found in storage.

finds gariena's coat and boots.

hears goat - heads that way- fight in gallary. pall sees moldy library.

hunger of hhadar is room. ignatius comes out of.

books worth 250g

arg takes care of library mold.

find armory

pall finds chimera in the room

"found the goat"

defeat chimera - go through treasure

hallway - arg lets out hellhounds

they find supplicants room guarded - plan

arg shatters a hole in the crowd.

paqlladius sees it is Gariena.

spiritual weapon to death of gariena.they

they find Louhi.

find louhi

"I'm guessing thats not soiup" - kayden

louhi gi ves stew

vessin leaves with louhi

party rests with salamanders

Florica, sister of Volanda

florica watched parents be lynched. volanda never forgave

disovered the orb, has burns, F went to wake her, stiked F and punched fglaming hole through uterus. V healed her with orb, now has scar and cant have children.

V got prettier. used to be a dancer. they set fire to the inn they were staying at and lived in the fire temple. V got crazier and F left, leaving V a letter.

Glaemor is the banshee that taught her to be a bard. Is the spirit of the barrowmound. F got famous and Glam taught her final lesson of countercharm and gave her boots of elf. Said next time wouldnt remember her as is losing control of mortal realm.

F hears about the dark strangers and goes to temple.

jar of acid, F dodges. vessin threatens, but F explains. Vessin gives F his cloak pin.

F bypasses foundry and takes secret passage to Volonda.

F tries to have her come to her senses. But she gets choked up. They argue with each other.

"If you will not join me, you will be destroyed!"

"I'm going to stop you if it kills us both!"

party is woke by the salamanders.

florica and volanda argue and v throws fire

florica sings

kayden finds the scene

florica says kill the orb!

florica downs the elemental and volanda with hideous laughter.

other elemental is banished by kayden.

fire orb shrinks to softball size.

find treasure in volanda's room.

Shard of Orb of wind took out the town of Setara

head to Calamite.

potions rare or above at 100 g each. from louhi. 1/d

vultures are gone by the time they get up from the temple.

vessin will investigate more terrorist attacks.

kayden interrogates volanda during the trip to red larch

tower of fire now guarded by by lords alliance.

go to red larch

gives volanda and the orb of fire to Quill.

volanda tells of the fane and the alter of the orbs.

reveals the origin and the dark force that controls the four of them through the orbs.

volanda told of the elven air cult leader and the djinn she controls.

Quill says florica will help volanda with her assistance in this matter. florica agrees.

Kayden wants to go after air temple.

fire cult hasnt murdered anyone and is the least guilty of the cults. kayden points that out.

go to calamite to pick up pots. then go to feathergale spire and see lords alliance people. dark strangers are welcome to use as home base.

many vultures have returned to the roosts.

party gets a ride down into the chasm and the entrance to the temple of howling hatred.

arg looks at status of cyclopean king.

Martin the old man is a captive in the temple.

kayden detects evil and good and senses martin as an elemental.

"I know you are not mortal, drop your disguise." - kayden

the djinn forms in fron t of them.

djinn gives a warning to the party that he is commanded by a silver horn. next time they meet, they will be foes.

they enter dining hall and fight cultists.

they find the worm skeleton stairs, go down and find cultist corpses

go into next room and see armor and weapons aboiut in a room with a glass orb.

arg touches orb and is sucked into whirlwind. kay grabs her out and stone shapes a shelter for him

whirlwind dies and arg uses a nearby warhammer to get kay out

harpies enter and sway pall, the others fake sway until harpies are nearby and then attack.

kill two and the other runs back into the room she came.

they subdued her and interrogated her. she told them they are no longer in the temple and the leader of the air temple is further down.

she points out treasure and they let her go. she grabs her sister's body and drags it away to the rust monster room.

skulk goes after her.

1200g in gems

2 on F
intelligent sword +1 (caradoon) (cursed) (Ghost) (vengeance of air cultists and creatures)
pearl of power

700 cp

7500 sp

gold bracelet

silver ewer

silver earrings skulls

pot sup healing

Ghost, the sword was carried by the half elf corpse.

they go investigate the howling pit. send skulk down and he reports dark caves.

go through dark curtain and face the elemental myrmadon. defat the creature.

kayden dispels the dark curtains in the battle room.

take a short rest in that room.

sees complete cyclopean king statue including knife.

delegate is bound and gagged (terius)

"For the Lord's Alliance!" - kayden attacking Windharrow.

rex dies due to cloud kill from aercia.

kayden defeats windharrow

kayden defeats aercia, but ghost denies a subdual and kills aercia.

kayden casts Spare the Dying to Ghost's chagrin.

she is a princess eladrin. grew resentful of being princess, found ruins, given orb.

where are the seeds?

Kayden head back to the serface to bring aercia to the lord's alliance.

cape of the montebank on windharrow

elementax appears and gives a warning to the party

rex will live.

florica was arrested by the LA and questioned in the feathergale spire.

Dark strsangers go to tower.

name the luitenant plz.

drop off orb to alliance.

delegate is released to the LA. as well as the princess.

LA will send runner to knights of sam to get potion order from the party. they should be ready on the next time party visit the tower.

they go into air temple and see giant doors

they open scary doors and walk to the giant abyss at the other end.

florica sees a cyclopse ghoul in the distance.

florica shattered several blocks to reveal cycplose bodies inside.

kayden was experimented on as kid and was given propiganda since then and brainwashed with jingoism.

jade cyclops masks and totems made of pearl, silver, turqoiuse and obsidean. too large to carry.

arg checks out the half collapsed room and runs back out followed by an umber hulk. arg cast hideous laughter and pall shoots it in the eyes and kills it.

arg finds a mithril hammer in the umber hulk nest.

they travel towards the zigg. arg looks for the wyvern, doesnt see it.

on otherside of zigg there is a corrador of chains with hands ripped off bodies.

head back to zigg.

go upstairs and see feathergale captain. he has golden horn.

"let the winds claim your soul when we have severed it from your body" - kayden

arg sacrifices her hp to hadar to gain replenished spells.

florica heated thurl's armor, and he fell, rex killed him by biting his neck.

kayden slays the vrock - stabbing ghost into its mouth.

genies appears after the battle

arg dives for the horn. gives to kayden. kayden gives the horn to the genie.

genie tells them of the wyvern taking over and the cultists in fear. kayden looks in box and sees royal regalia.

genie poofs away with the horn.

they finish the temple. they find nyyrikki and a few human prisoners. head back to tower.

at calamite. pick up some pots. kayden turns in sword, Ghost.

ghost was missing for 30 years.

kayden is given blessing from Verai SOngbird.

The Orb and the Helmed Warrior

vessin is here. says he found out about the orbs and has learned about the devistation shards. there is one on sale in Ostium. he doesnt want it to end up in the wrong hands.

Vessin has no other leads.

Kayden agrees. They ride vultures to Ostium.

they land outside walls to guard attention. captain sees kayden's bade and lets him in.

SHiled tower covered in shields of fallen enemies.

buy rooms at pearl handled pipe. kayden goes to meet waterbaron; florica and arg go to skulk in the shadows.

d'chauveau was there for a while, was dark empire loyalists. were displaced by House d'Kheldor.

kayden explains it is important to speak with the waterbaron. they let him through.

he meets with the baron and tells her of the WMD. she gives him the authority to do what is nessiary.

there is no police in ostium.

arg and flor go place to place and speak with poor fishermen. they meet martyn and he offers to take them to where the sale is going down.

they travel, and florica sneaks behind, but is caught by martyn. arg denies involvement with flor. flor bluffs and walks away. when arg gets to the place he sends skulk ivis out to flor to show her the place. martyn leaves arg. she goes in and sees the wink and kiss brothel. she reqs to see nareen.

outside florica is with skulk. he asks why they are here, flor says waiting for his friend. skulk runs off and goes to kayden, his "friend". flor and kay speak, also with pall. all three head to the brothel.

prostitutes often are half elves.

arg speaks with nareen and asks where the shard comes from, they came across fanatics in red robes to hte south next to the lake. arg negotiates and agrees to 1100 g. arg reaches in bag and uses gem of brightness, blinding guards.

arg takes nareen hostage and tries to force her to give the location of the shard. arg whispers a truth of the universe bestowed by hadar and nareen's hair goes white.

hair turns white at the truth of the universe.

meanwhile, skulk leads the others to the winkand kiss and tells them arg is in trouble inside. pall opens the door and flor casts fear. the guards make the save, but everyone else (clients and hookers) go crazy and start rioting. kayden casts spiritual guardian to knockout everyone.

spirit guardians are white robed figures with no faces. tattered robes, cant see arms. bleached nazguls.

tavern has purple haze of insense and opium.

pall shoots off guards foot and pins the other's foot to floor.

arg puts nareen in the chair and talks the guards into ketting them go. a bolt of black spear flies through the window and impales nareen.

palladius is not gay. :(

pall runs outside. and sees an armored figure land off the roof, turn his amsked face to pall and call his shadowspear back to him.

kayden steps to heal nareen.

rune is over heart.

cant be counterspelled due to rune?

cloak of invis.

arg runs through window and sees man. he summons the same spiritual guardians as kayden and when they clear, he is gone.

Kayden comes through the window but doesnt see the man, he does feel an icy defiling hand in his chest when the spell was cast. kayden inspects the area but finds nothing.

florica makes sure nareen is stable.

they travel to the fountain where nareen says the shard was. guarded by gnolls, under influence, and the man.

the party attacks. the man summons a guardian of faith and a spiritual weapon.

kayden apporaches and his symbol appears in front of his chest. five symbols appear in front of the man.

florica casts hideous laughter on gnoll.

kayden faces off against the masked soldier. kayden heals himself after taking a lot of damage.

"I will have your name"

takes out gnolls.

rex fell in battle.

shadowlancer throws box with devestation shard, kayden ignores and attacks SL, but he throws invis cloak and fades away.

arg dives for the box.

river is at least a mile wide.

during travel to ostium, they flew over setara and saw the devistation kayden eye balled it to be around 2 miles of hurricane destruction.

kayden takes the shard downriver on his vulture, to Lake Granlea. he drops it in the lake.

the vulture is tired, so kayden rests at the side of the lake. then an illusionary form appears across the fire kayden built for the night. He knows she is called the countess, but knows nothing else. she tells him he has taught himself to forget. "You are dressing like him". he asks who she is. she tells him he lived with her and she was his caretaker.

she warns him another is coming. It is Zaffron. He has killed many of the others and is coming for you. If you have something he thinks is his he will stop at nothing to get it." He is now called the Shadowlancer. "He doesnt play well with others". "Im coming for you. Im going to bring you home"

kayden remembers the fear that the idea of "home" brings. the shard goes off behind him in devistating effect. Her words echo as she fades off.

Kayden later dreams of the cloaked figure. Kay is strapped to a table in a sea of darkness. out of a door emerges the cloacked reaper. He carresses kay's head and asks "Hello Kayden. Are you ready to continue?" the reapers face is that of nightmares and the faces trapped in his cherst are the same faces of kayden himself. Kayden screams himself awake. and then flies back to town.

florica goes weapon shopping and buys rapier. pall goes to inn and arg visits brothel.

Nyrikki unlocks wearables, staves, wands and rods. non-metal wonderous items.

pall heals rex overnight

they turn the seller of the ahrd over to the water baron who tells kay and arg that she will send a letter of commendation to the alliance.

the waterbaron offers a banquet in thier honor. they are delcared heroes of the city and friends to its people. they are given free nobles clothing tailer made. kayden's has a hood.

each is also given a house in the city, provided and paid for. each with servant to keep up the place.

everyone can do general upgrades to mundane equipment.

aquarium bathhouse in ostium. (unisex)

everyone takes baths.

takes two days to get the banquet going.

banquet is held and fame is gained. all the attending nobles express their impressiveness.

gold coins are mostly from the dark empire, but with Xs to stamp out images of elknor.

they go to calamite and stay for a few days so Nyrikki can make itemns.

they wake up at night to hear commotion and see a bright blue devestation shard surrounded by cultists, chanting. Kayden charges.

the heroes head towards the cultists and pall shoots into the group.

florica casts fear and kayden slashes into them.

arg rushes in and knocks the leader on the ground.

kay cats spirit guardians. the leaders tands and says they will be claimed by the crushing wave. he sumnmons a ball of water that kay and arg evades.

flor casts hideous laughter on the leader

arg melts one with red flame and also melts the laughing leader with hadar's energy, feading the old god.

the rest are killed by spoiritual guardians.

arg breathes cold on the shard and takes the shard on a vulture towards a nearby open volcano. she throws it into a caldra and it cools the caldra and cools the volcano, solidifying the lava.

skulk flies to args shoulder and says "hadar is pleased. you are a good servant" and flies away. arg is offputted.

kayden and arg talk to ushien about paladin group getting better defended. ushien doesnt like alliance, they fill their own pockets more than defend the people.

Temple of Water

they journey to rivergard keep and meets the new steward. they take a skiff down into the dark stream.

they come to a landing, but see some guards aproaching. florica leaps off the boat into the water with arg following to rescue her.

kayden jumps successfully and pall uses his cloak to teleport to the landing and the guards are taken care of. kayden goes around the corner and is ambushed by a dark knight.

florica jackie chans around the corner. but faces the lazer pirate. they are defeated and more cultists at the end of the hall, guarding a barracks.

arg sent a shatter into the room and defeated them.

florica sees the goal and a cloaked figure. they go inside

It is Ahto, the paragon. He is able to swim back to the surface.

The group moves to stay on this side of the canal.

pall gives honor to the dragonturtle

long rest

arg sends skulk to find flor - skuolk poiints out bridge to north.

go talk to ogres and hag. hag asks deal - will hold back monsters if they give her the orb.

she tells them flor was taken by aboleth

"skulk has never done anything of use" - kayden

skulk pulls back curtain and reveals flor.

arg casts blight thaty kills the hag, turing her into a salt pillar.

the ogre is mad, but trips and falls into the trough of salt water and begins to drown, but arg saves him.

arg frees flor. she was captured by aboleth, but the hag took her for a future meal.

Bag of Dragonteeth; inside shunkenhead is runed dragon teeth; pick a saving throw every morning, gain adv. found in hag's bed.

go north to bridge and see stone doors with symbol.

arg kills herzou with blight

kayden heals party.

arg blows apart the water cult symbol

arg notices weird current from the wall.

pall goes to next door, priest quarters and hears voices talking about one of the cultists bailing, but the door out is guarded by a riddle of some sort.

arg has a plan, requests back up and goes to door.

arg downs hill giant str pot and kicks in stone door "put down your weapons!"

the cultists murder each other, but one is not into it - still alive, they heal him. his name is toby.

toby tells them the answers to the riddles. arg gives him fire opal. he leaves.

pall is true neutral.

take mezzoloth's trident - unholy. (good weilders have disadv, +1 trident)

"water had fallen, all that is left is stone" - kayden.

only dragonborn are allowed in their tmeples - the halls of heroes.

pall prays more for the dragonturtle.

head back to the surface.

quill is there. kayden says forica is cleared. quill will take her and release her after she is done some good work.

the earth temple has been cleared by the LA now that the threat is known to the LA. was at great cost, but a treasure has been recovered for the characters.

pot of water breath (2)
wand magic missiles
plate armor of earth cult
claws of the umber hulk
elven chain - has music notes enscribed. (sad tune)
shield guardian found in the temple.

The Knife of the Cyclopean King

Martyn Thaelond has sent a letter to Quill.

halls are discovered. they will leave next day on their vultures.

dinner and rest at the castle.

head to halls half a day flight.

orange and purple lightning.

argentea figured out the puzzle.

pall finds latch on statue.

eye gaze slow - strange rune for pupil

Knife of Cyclopean King - +3 greatsword; weilder and allies in 30 feet immune to fear. Indestrucable.

kayden is king of cyclopse.

arg is clostrophobic.

palladius is often neutral about issues.

long rest.

arg digs through the door with the claw.

arg gave her everburning torch to martyn before the golem fight.

they come out of the hall, is pre dawn light. they head to where the birds were landed.

a group of brothers attack, but when their captain falls, they flee. pall shoots at them as they run. argentea finishes off the rest of the fleeing rogues with hungar of hadar.

arg is no longer moved by the screams of the dying. skulk lands on her shoulder and smiles as she changes from LG to LN.

"You are no longer capable of judging your own actions." - kayden to argentea.

the theif camp begins to rouse, but the strangers get to their vultures and fly off.

martyn sees them fly off and waves to them with a smile.

arg heads to calamite, kayden and pall go to rivengard.

now that all paragons are free, items can be crafted as very rare. 1 day of crafting per 1,000 gp.

nyrikki says palladiu's bow will last through the ages.
+2 longbow, hounds inscribed, weilder can see etheral creatures and objects, once per day gain additional attack, surrounded by a shadowy nimbus.

kayden get to rivengard and makes report to Quill, who would have been leaving that day. he speaks on argentea's detereorating mental state.

arg sends a message on skulk, who is changed into a raven, to kayden in rivengard.

pall remains behind in riverngard.

afterwards, kayden flies to calamite, weary from lack of sleep. - i want to do an encounter with the nothics.

dream vision from elementax. town of setara is destroyed. pall and arg wake to earthquakes.

The Apocalypse Now

kayden flying through sky on vulture

tired and wants to cut his arm to keep awake

pulls knife - but finds himself in a black stone room. with a chest with iron bands.

kayden kicks the chest and throws it to smash it - getting sharp pains as he does so.

the two nothics come and explain the chest is his memories, made by kayden himsefl. only he can open it. "I remember you two from dungeons deep below"

they encourage him to open it - he opens one confounding lock and sees a memory of a posh mansion with people all around with his face. meditating and training. he remembers speaking with the duchess and being in pain. "Yes the process is painful, but we will take care of you." kayden grows in pain and suddenly sees the nothics in the council room "Curious. I want to see more"

he awakens on the vulture and cuts his arm to stay awake.

palladius speaks primordeal. elementals are major favored enemy.

palladius hears voice in earthquake. gets equipped and heads off to follow it - leaves note with the LA telling where he went.

orbs of fire and air are being held by Lord's Alliance.

arg wakes up to earth quake and part of the calamite keep collapses. arg helps out but feels her heart isnt into it.

skulks arrives soon before kayden. arg and kayden speak. this wasnt an attack by the cults, just collateral.

arg wants to help the apragons craft, but they refuse her - her power comes with a price.

kayden goes to sleep and arg reads the book from the lich on geomancy.

palladius finds dead water cultists with placards "I am punished." goes back to rivengard.

Sedina Wolfjaw is one of the leaders from the warders. elf of the souther forest. one of the five leaders. she tells palladius that Fierport has been hit by an earthquake and has been taken over by the earth cult. she suggest he gather his friends and go there. Palladius flies to Calamite.

argentea falls alseep while reading and dreams of hadar and the dying galaxy he lives in. Hadar is pleased with her and is giving her his servitors and a promise - the Key of Hadar. He giver her a vision of her rise as Queen of the Red Cosmos. She sees herself on a throne amidst a ruined Red Larch with thousands bowing before her and giver her offerings of gold and flesh. Behind her is Hadar, bright and ravenous eating chunks of the world as they spiral in towards it. She stands and commands with five mouths and writhing tentacles on her skin, the Key of Hadar carved into her chest glowing with eldritch energy.

she awakens to skulk vomiting up the fourth of gross slimy seeds. hadar had given her instructions to plant them in water and let them roam.

Argentea finds an old reliquary and places the seeds inside. she tells kayden she will return and walks for an hour outside of calamite and digs a hole. she lets the hole fill with rain water and places a seed inside. it wriggles under the water and then stillness. arg searches in the water, but the seed is gone. she curses and heads back to calamite.

palladius comes to calamite and tells the others about fierport. the paragons have finished with all but the bow and armor.

they leave and travel 70 miles. the town is in ruins due to earquake and flood. a crowd of people in the square are being prostelisized to.

they land in the square and kayden magically loudens his voice and tells the crowd the cultists are liers and want their souls. argentea attemps dimplomacy too, but the crowd begin to turn against them. palladius, impatient, attacks one of the cultists and the crowd runs away. the other cultists are taken down by the others.

The cultists prove strong against domination and even zone of truth as the strangers try to interrogate them. They are approached by Jenden, a one yed man with a crutch, broken in the eathquake. argentea gives him a healing potion witch cures his limp. jenden tells them the rest are at town hall but they have a hill giant and a squad of hobgoblins.

kayden - "Give us 20 minuets".

they see the town hall and two hobby guards outside. arg dominates one and tries to knock out the other, but they end up fighting. they are lovers. pall shoots the other throught the throat and kills him. the dominated one has a broken heart.

dominated hob knocks on door and tells the other that the boos needs to see something. other hob asks what it is and see the dead hobby. dominated hob pulls the hob outside. kayden rushes him and attacks. but is blocked by shield. hobby calls giant out.

rex jumps through shutter and attacksw hobby. giant bursts through wall and attacks kayden. palladius approaches window and shoots guard, guard approaches and pulls pall through. the two guards beat pall.

arg covers with an armor of ice. she jumps and attacks giant, knocking him back (pot of strength). kayden kills giant. the priest sends an inception noise to palladius. kayden defeats hobbies. pall kills the guards with one shot each.

"You cant save them and kill me" - priest causes earthquake and cracks the building. arg kills hobbies with claw. rushes the priest behind the desk crashing through the wall and killing him. the townsfolk go out of the hole and the town hall collapses.

towns people help clean up bodies out of the hall. kayden, in the name of the LA places Jendon in charge of the town. towns folk talk about leaving, dark strangers advise to move to red larch.

earthquake pall can hear the voice close by. rest. pall tells the other he can hear the voice in the tremors. arg tells about the earth whispers he read about. arg asks about any mines. jenden says there is a cave in a sea stack in the lake now flooded by the lake. jendedn also tells the lake is flooding all local towns and whirlpools are swallowing ships.

water walk to the cave. inside is a wrecked ship 100 years old. they climb over the ship and ove rthe lip and down into the cave.

pall can lead the way, hearing the voice that guides him. they reach a dead end and arg uses her claw to dig through the cave wall and it reveals a large cavern chamber with a huge mound that glows with bioluminescence.

they hear breathing. arg detects magic and sees artifact level stuff. they debate about whetehr or not freeing it is a good idea and decide to give it a try. arg tells pall about the earth dream. "A creature this ancient would have a dreamspace around it. small, but powerful.

pall concentrates and sees the delver in an ethereal realm. the creature introduces itself as baliqchi. it tells pall of the orb and how to touch it to the black geode to close it. tells of maleos and he imprisoned the delver her to destroy the town. gives pall the Earth Friend trait. pall awakens.

arg offers to us ethe key of hadar free baliqchi? better not. will come back with orb to free the delver after all is done.

kayden wants to go after cults now. arg wants to use the orbs already claimed. they decide to head back to calamite, stock up and then go to the temple to finish it all.

land vultures at Calamite

pick up bow and armor. fallen knight armor.

then fly to rivergard keep.

landing flooded.

palladius is 20 yrs old. 6'2", 260lbs.

pall is short for a dragonborn

kayden requests orbs back from LA. captain sends a messenger to quill for the req.

kayden and others waterwalks to the skiff

kayden controls water a bubble of air down the cave to the water temple. with boat.

temple is not flooded. kayden floats skiff to hte stairs down and lands.

kayden hears voice and goes to pool - water weird pulls him in. palladius shoots them with arrows.

arg says "let him go or i will end you." weird laughs, arg casts blight, destroying it.

palladius sees the elemental spirit through the bow and fires, destroying it.

captain Drexus

first arrow - capn moves head, second - he catches it.

kayden flame strike kills most dragonborn.

palladius duels the captain with evil trident. the rest watch.

captain's spear breaks, and conceads duel, along with leadership of the company. if pall dies here, not honorable.

kayden performs a miracle. a pulse of energey from his location. heals all the fallen dragonborn.

palladius gives magic arrows to drexus.

the mercs guard entrance.

strangers enter mist room and see prosners.

prisoners -
half elf

kayden falls into misty pit. creature down there. kayden swoops his sword to push back mist. creature comes up kayden knows is rust monster. it comes up to him and its antenna gropes him. he casts banishment. it goes away. arg comes down into pit and gets him up with rope.

arg doesnt want to save the fire cultist, kayden says otherwise.

captives are sent to the mercs.

they follow the stream to the stairs down into the node. a weird voice enters their head of an aboleth. arg is protected.

get on barge - go right. kayden controls water to lower them down into myrmadon cave.

arg casts blight.

it does frost strike to all.

palladius kills it with an arrow. armor and trident falls to ground.

kayden armor is decrpit - face is obscured by darkness when helm is on, glowing eyes when agry. also allows darkvision.

arg casts detect magic finds gauntlet water elemental command off of the myrmadon. kayden is crystal jar with storm giant strength. pall finds +1 scale elemental water, arcane symbols, demon guarded, water-hungry. needs water evryday.

shape water down next waterfall and spell ends.

raining chamber with shipwrecks.

pirate captain wearing thunder resistance armor.

pall finds alchemy jug in river boat. sees serpent head.

arg sees serpent head, crashes through wall.

pall and arg kill their heads, but two sprout. arg casts fireball.

palladius kills the hydra.

everyone has water walk on them.

pirate chest fell over the waterfall infron of the node.

thye tumble over water fall - arg trapped under falls.

pall and kayden get vision from aboleth of gar's life.

they see island with gar poraying for node.

they waer walk and attack crocs.

gar sends water elelemental and it captures pall.

arg hits gar with blasts

pall is free and kills crocs.

gar summons lightning.

arg fireballs gar, but gar heals.

arg cannot command water elemental.

chuul drags kayden to the aboleth

kayden is not paralysed and attacks underwater.

rex attacks gar and knocks him down, but gar calls down the lightning and kills rex.

kayden and arg are diseased with skum disease.

Gar 80

pall shoots lightning arrowa at gar wounding him terribly

gar casts hold person on pall, causing him to drowmn, gar heals self.

argentea vampjre touches abolerth to death

kayden climb out of water, lightning called on kayden

arg climbs out, and elritch blasts gar into the orb.

gar is sucked into giant orb and all the water is sucked up into the giant orb.

arg falls uncons and into water kayden heals from afar and she wakes up and uses gauntlet to swim through both the air and water.

they come out of the node labyrinth. the party rests and kayden "heals" both him and arg. takes 2 days.

pall goes back into the labyrinth and retrieves the water orb. the water level in the dungeon is going down and the monsters are not there.

sky is purple and red. tremors are felt.

lords alliance dont have diamond.

kayden wants to get back into earth node.

pall determined to go one without rex.

flight to the earth monastery.

arg notices wooden box holding bulbs is in pieces.

wights and gargs attacking LA guards at monastery.

keyden rides a garg down into dirt with impaled sword.

arg's vulture nearly dies via two gargs. severely wounded.

wights drain soldiers.

pall lands vulture and come sout shooting at wights.

arg shoots gargs off her vult.

kayden walks off garg into the center of the fray and summons spirit companions.

arg casts wall of ice.

kayden sends down flame strike, but doesnt destroy the wall.

soldiers regroup and tell strangers that the pale men are not the true threat. more pale men animate from the soldiers killed. the black energies come from Renrick Caradoon on the roof of the monastery.

arg - "son of a bitch"

renwick kills soldier and raises them as wights.

palladius kills the gargoyles.

arg carves the key oif hadar into her hand and propells the spirits of the wights and the lich. she suffers mental damage and drops, into seizures.

kayden casts spells to no avail. instead he kocks her out to stop her seizure. kayden now thinks arg is too far gone.

only 6 survivors from the original 30 that came to take the monastery.

arg was thanked in the dreaqmscape by hadar's avatar, and give her a gift, the ability to alter fate. she loses her ability to enjoy music.

kayden is disapproving of arg's deal making.

take short rest in monastery.

arg searches renwicks body and finds iron flask and staff of withering. kayden helps to identify them.

renwick was an earth spellcaster in life.

after rest, they descend the stair case and enter west door into mine.

"We will not work any more!"

spectors are dispatched easily.

"We rest eternally"

mummy riddle - find the key in the skulls.

maleos minifests himself in stone. and offers them "high thrones to oversee the new world"

kayden dares maleos to escort them directly to their "pebble of a stone god." combat ensues.

they defeat the stone manifestation of maleos and the guards.

nexty room is cultist and xorn. "Do you have an offering?"

xorn grows impatient and rushes the characters.

arg attacks xorn with claw

Elemental Nodes

chamber of giant crystal confusion

Angelica Cross - memory.

kayden lost in the crystals - sees the two nothics.

unlock the second lock much easier.

angelica calls young kayden over to see a budgie. kayden triies to heal it, but it doesnt work.

angelica says not allowed says countess. kayden tries anyway.

they try together and heal the budgie and it flies away.

zaffron saw and said they werent allowed. Kayden stands to him and says "You didnt see anything at all."

zaffron walks off. "Angelica says what's his problem?" and then turns to kayden. "Lets not tell anyone."

The guard found there is dead.

pall hears one of the walls "flowing", he mentions this and arg fires are the wall, but it passes through. pall sees the wall is illusionary and hides a mud waterfall.

they follow the tunnel and see a mud pit with an earth elemental and several mud mephits. pall attempt to talkt to the elemental, but it is controlled by maleos, who explains the birth-pit.

arg mocks the incarnate, prompting him to attack.

Ogremoch 211
Maleos 33
e1 87 p
e2 53
e3 61 p
myrWarT 122
blood 71
g1 20
g2 20
g3 40

pall challenges maleos to duel.

maleos comes down and accepts, shooting with the orb, missing.

kayden empowers spirit guardians

arg summons blood elemental (perfectly normal and acceptable behavior)

pall shoots lightnoing arrow, teleport ahead with cape montebank, and arrow comes from behind into maleos.

kay falls prone bc of earhtquake, earth el hammers with advantage, but arg fate bends him out of the adv.

ogremoch throws bouldre from ceiling to arg, who dodges.

kayden had spiritual weapon out. attacking maleos.

myrmadon winds back for thunderous attack, but misses kayden.

pall attempts to withdraw from maleos, but maleos uses the orb to wound pall an dincapacitate him.

maleos kneels down and lays hands on pall, beginning to petrify him.

ogremoch uses legendary resistance agaist arg's fireball.

pall gets up, but feels his body begin to petrify. he does a desparate last change grab for maleos's orb and snaches it from his hand!

Pall's petrification is reversed!

orgemoch stomps pall and maleos to the ground, the ground becomes mud at ogrmoch's stare and while pall is okay, maleos sinkins 5 ft under the mud, screaming.

pall uses the orb to cause a great earthquake, causing massive fissures to open all over the cavern. palladius himself is caught in such and falls down a 100 ft fissure, injuring himself, but ultimately saving him from a collapsing collumn.

argentea rolls out of the way from a collapsing collumn as well, almost falling down a 70 ft fissure, but catches herself.

palladius uses the orb to surf his way back up 40 ft of the 100 ft fissure. moves another 40 ft. also heals himself.

ogremoch walks over, causes light to come off of all creatures next to him with glowing gems. slams down on kayden and incapacitates him.

several earth elementals change focus from kayden to arg, but needs to go under the frissures or over collumns to get to her. she dismisses the blood elemental and casts fly. 60 ft up.

pall adius makes it to the ground. he jumps over a crevasse and heads to the monolith.

ogremach sees palladius and causes spikes to grow in his path. he also spawns three gargoyles from his mass, which fly towards pall.

ogremoch himself attacks pall in an overkill attack and incapacitates him.

only argentea is left. she flies to distract ogremoch and instruct skulk to get the orb.

skulk grabs the orb.

ogremoch slams arg for a critical hit, but she holds on with 4 hp. orders skulk to get to the monolith.

skulk grabs the orb and touches the monolith. palladius gets hit with earth energy, waking him up, but argentea, flying, gets hit by ogremoch being sucked into the monolith.

the cave began to quake and cave in. Pall grabs kayden and escapes the cavern.

kayden escapes zaffron with divine intervention but first tries to suck out poweetr from zaffron, but fails.

kayden building the mansion, inviding all his siblings in including zaffron.

form disappears, living behind a spring of healing water.

palladius all alone on the mountain.

uses orb to free the delver. palladius wishes to enter the black geode to rescue Argentea.

palladius goes to lead his mercenary guild to become renown and use the earth orb to carve his kingdom.

palladius may not be well known, but his bow remains famous.



  • Kayden Cross; human cleric; Lord's Alliance
  • Argentea; dragonborn warlock of the old gods; Dark Omens; Lord's Alliance. Three eyed familiar named Skulk.
  • Palladius; dragonborn ranger; Strange Map; Threigian Warders. Mastiff companion named Rex.
  • Vessin; svirfneblin paladin
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